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Peter Hessler, the inspiration of my memoirs – Zhang Lijia

Bestselling author Zhang Lijia recalls in her weblog how award winning journalist Peter Hessler inspired her to write her memoirs, “Socialism Is Great!”: A Worker’s Memoir of the New China. Hessler won the MacArthur Foundation award.

Why the Chinese read fewer books – Zhang Lijia

Drooling foreign publishers are trying to enter the Chinese market, like recently on the International Book Fair in Beijing. But author Zhang Lijia warns on her weblog for too high expectation, as the already limited number of books per Chinese is even dropping.

Why I love Beijing – Zhang Lijia

Celebrity author Zhang Lijia answers on her weblog the artist Ai Weiwei, who complained in the weekly Newsweek that Beijing was no longer a livable place for him and a “constant nightmare”. She disagrees and explains why she loves Beijing.

Dealing with identity – Zhang Lijia

The famous author Zhang Lijia tells in her new weblog how she deals with questions about identity from her two daughters, while traveling in Bangladesh. “Well, if I tell people I am Chinese, people wouldn’t believe me.”

Making it into the Lonely Planet and Wikipedia – Zhang Lijia

Zhang Lijia, the author of the wildly successful “”Socialism Is Great!”: A Worker’s Memoir of the New China” recently got her long-overdue lemma in the world’s online encyclopedia Wikipedia, and she guided the Lonely Planet Magazine through her home-town Beijing.

Cautious about any organized religion – Zhang Lijia

Image via Wikipedia Celebrity writer and non-believer Zhang Lijia explains her attitude towards Buddhism, and religion in a rather personal interview with ExpressBuzz. I’m cautious about any organized religions, she…

My quest for personal and political freedom – Zhang Lijia

Zhang Lijia by Fantake via Flickr Celebrity author Zhang Lijia tells in Expressbuzz.com how her now famous book “Socialism is great” came into being. She was still a factory girl…

Zhang Lijia to visit Kovalam festival in India

Zhang Lijia in India Fantake via Flickr Celebrity author Zhang Lijia of the novel “Socialism Is Great!”: A Worker’s Memoir of the New Chinawill be attending the Kovalam literary festival in…

July edition of our newsletter is due

Zhang Lijia        via Flickr Should we bother you with China and our speakers’ bureau in the sweltering heat of the summer, we were thinking at the global…

September book tour in Brazil – Zhang Lijia

Image by Fantake via Flickr Our celebrity speaker Zhang Lijia is preparing for her next book tour, this time for her Portuguese translation of “Socialism Is Great!”: A Worker’s Memoir…