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Why China is heading for a crisis – Wang Jianmao

Bulls and bears are out in full force on China. CEIBS Professor Wang Jianmao warns in NHPR for the danger of complacency after three decades of growth, where the word crisis has been eliminated from the dictionary.

One-child policy undermines pensions – Wang Jianmao

The one-child policy has been one successful tool to eradicate poverty in China, today the growing number of old people is severely undermining the ability to pay decent pensions, warns professor Wang Jianmao of CEIBS in the People’s Daily. Companies might have to pay the bill.

Who will employ six million new graduates? – Wang Jianmao

This month China will have six million university graduates more. The world looks at the figure in awe, but the graduates themselves have problem: will they find a job? Professor Wang Jianmao of CEIBS thinks they might, if economic restructuring works out, he tells in The National.

Inflation still a problem – Wang Jianmao

The debate between economists on how China should deal with its economy is running high. CEIBS professor Wang Jianmao warns in the US edition of the China Daily curtailing inflation should be high on the agenda, not loosening the financial strings on banks

Wage inequality root of unrest – Wang Jianmao

Increased social unrest is triggered off by the huge wage inequality in the country, tells CEIBS professor Wang Jianmao in the Australian news paper The National.

Economy needs a slow-down for repairs – Wang Jianmao

CEIBS in Shanghai via Wikipedia China’s economy needs a slow-down to repair its engines, says CEIBS economist Wang Jianmao in IPSnews, to get its three engines fixed, consumption, investments and…

All is not yet well for China’s economy – Wang Jianmao

Wang Jianmao¬†Fantake via Flickr Economic growth seems to be on track and China has passed Japan as the second largest economy in the world, still stiff measures from the government…

Wang Jianmao

Jianmao Wang is professor of economics and associate dean at China Europe International Business School. He analyses the political choices the Chinese government is making, and sometimes its inability to execute them. Professor Wang gives us a peek behind the doors that mostly remain closed for the outside world. He travels from Shanghai.