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Xi Jinping´s US visit targets mostly domestic audience – Tom Doctoroff

Many might look at Xi Jinping´s American visit as an opportunity on an international level, but China´s leader is even more closely watching his domestic audience, so we might see few surprises, says China veteran Tom Doctoroff in the Los Angeles Times.

What consumer markets will be hit? – Tom Doctoroff

Marketing guru Tom Doctoroff overlooks the consumer battlefield after recent stirs in the financial markets. Middle-class consumers have a wait-and-see attitude and might only resume buying by 2016, he tells CNBC. But lower tier markets will remain robust. Brand should focus now on their digital future, he advises.

China´s slowdown is no reason for panic – Tom Doctoroff

The drop of China´s double-digit growth to a lower level has caused global anxiety, but key marketeer Tom Doctoroff argues in the Huffington Post the slowdown is not reason for panic.

Why the devaluation of the yuan was a bad idea – Tom Doctoroff

If the 2% depreciation of China´s currency has shown anything, it shows its leaders are nervous and loss face, writes author Tom Doctoroff in the Huffington Post. Can China’s growth model be reinvigorated, Doctoroff wonders. Yes, but not by using outdated control mechanisms.

How Uniqlo could have handled its steamy video – Tom Doctoroff

A video of two customers having sex in a changing room of a Beijing outlet of Uniqlo went viral last week. Uniqlo even had to deny this was a marketing trick. Advertising guru Tom Doctoroff says in the Wall Street Journal it could have handled the issue more relaxed, in line with its own branding,

E-commerce as the great leveler – Tom Doctoroff

Sales of big Western brands like Unilever, Nestle, P&G and Beiersdorf have dropped in China. Not a declining market is to be blamed – since people do not stop washing their hair – but e-commerce. Branding guru Tom Doctoroff looks for the Huffington Post at “the great leveler”.

Making Shanghai to my home – Tom Doctoroff

Tom Doctoroff, CEO, Asia Pacific at JWT, made it into the New York Times with his renovated lanehouse in Shanghai. Making China or Shanghai to your home is not easy for expats. “The experience of buying this home and renovating it, Mr. Doctoroff says, has helped him understand his adopted homeland far more than a decade as an expat living and working in Shanghai did.”

China´s cars not ready for mature markets – Tom Doctoroff

China´s auto brands have gained traction and achieved a large enough scale, but are far away from breaking into mature markets, says branding expert Tom Doctoroff to Reuters. No way Chinese cars as sell for a premium, he argues.

Chinese do not see Apple as a luxury watch maker – Tom Doctoroff

Apple expects to make a blast with its watches, just as it did with iPhone and iPads. But success in the China market is not that obvious, says marketing expert Tom Doctoroff in Bloomberg. They will have to prove themselves, he says.

Among regional concerns, China´s 2015 shows hope – Tom Doctoroff

Asia as a region and China´s slowling economy caused much anxiety in 2014, and Xi Jinping´s reforms have been clunky at best. But business guru Tom Doctoroff sees hope in the growing confidence China has in its leader Xi Jinping.