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Cultural change experts at the China Speakers Bureau

China is proud about its millennia old culture, but just like the rest of society, its culture is also changing very fast. Old concepts like guanxi, losing face and the suppressed position of women are not what they were even a few decades ago. Many so-called China experts still cling to those old idea, but fortunately, we can offer a range of speakers at the China Speakers Bureau who have a clear view on how China´s culture is changing.

Why the Chinese prefer Clinton over Trump – Tom Doctoroff

Chinese have no vote, and even no polls,to decide who they prefer as the next president of the United States, but China veteran Tom Doctoroff, author of What Chinese Want: Culture, Communism and the Modern Chinese Consumer, expects a majority will prefer Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, even though few really like Clinton, he writes in the Huffington Post.

The post-90 generation: why rebels are not appreciated – Tom Doctoroff

A fast changing China has produced highly different generations, although the concept of individualism is even for the generation from the 1990s mostly Western wishful thinking, argues China veteran Tom Doctorof, author of What Chinese Want: Culture, Communism, and China’s Modern Consumer at the Asia Society. Why rebels are not appreciated in China.

China will stay open for international business – Tom Doctoroff

Worries are mounting about China´s international stance, and increased difficulties foreign companies and organization experiences in the country. But China is unlikely to follow a course to isolationism and will act pragmatic, writes China veteran Tom Doctoroff in the Huffington Post.

How the Chinese view the US – Tom Doctoroff

While most Americans keep on having a very simplistic view on China and the Chinese, the reversed view is more complicated, explains China veteran Tom Doctoroff in the Huffington Post. Ambivalence, deep affection are just some of the feelings Chinese feel for the US, he tells.

How China´s media became a winner, against all odds – Tom Doctoroff

China´s media and entertainment industry has long been watched with pity: boring, curtailed by the Communist Party and part of moribund state-owned molochs. But China veteran Tom Doctoroff discovered this observation needs urgent correction and he tells in the Huffington Post how the industry became a winner.

China needs less control – Tom Doctoroff

Government control used to dominated every aspect of life in China. But when the developing service sector really wants to develop, giving up on control is crucial, writes China veteran Tom Doctoroff in the Huffington Post. That means a true change of culture.

Why baseball doesn´t take off in China – Tom Doctoroff

Many sports see China as their Promised Land as people spend more money on their leisure activities. Also baseball officials from the US expect an eager audience in China, but marketing expert Tom Doctoroff begs to differ, he tells the Baltimore Sun.

Winners and losers at China´s consumer markets – Tom Doctoroff

While consumer based industries in China are still winning, the does not count for all. Some of the winners of the past lose out, while others keep their strength, observes advertising guru Tom Doctoroff in Dow Jones. “It’s about accessible aspiration.”

Can China really innovate? – Tom Doctoroff

Innovation is high on China´s agenda, but China-veteran Tom Doctoroff wonders loudly if the country can really innovate, looking at the structural inhibitions of its culture.