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How realistic is China´s new Five-year plan? – Sara Hsu

Slowly the first details of the upcoming new Five-year plan are emerging. A two-child policy, Innovation, green development, opening of the financial markets and better social insurances are on the agenda. Financial analyst Sara Hsu calls them in The Diplomat pretty realistic, because they build on existing plans.

Why China does not want the US to change interest rates – Sara Hsu

After the IMF, also China has asked the US not to raise their interest rates. For good reasons, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat. Step from the US had disastrous effects on the global economy in the past.

Will China later join the Trans Pacific Partnership? – Sara Hsu

China has backed out of the Trans Pacific Partnership, a long-negotiated trade agreement between a dozen countries. Political analyst Sara Hsu says in the Diplomat China might have enough reason and chance to join later, but has now too many other international commitments on its plate.

Why the Tobin tax is a bad idea for China – Sara Hsu

A high PBOC official has speculated about using the Tobin tax, a fee on capital flows, to discourage short-term speculation. Financial analyst Sara Hsu explains why the Tobin tax would be a bad idea for China in the Diplomat.

China´s jobless numbers are meaningless – Sara Hsu

While the government is fearfully watching China´s number of jobless, the official figures have very little meaning, says financial analyst Sara Hsu at the Deutsche Welle. “We do not even know the labor force participation rate, which is essential in calculating the unemployment rate.”

Cap-and-trade scheme: step forward – Sara Hsu

While much work remains to be done, China and the US has set an important step forward in curbing carbon emissions, writes analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat. “At present, China’s cap-and-trade systems do not address price distortions in the nation’s socialist economy.”

China, US BIT agreement win-win for both – Sara Hsu

When President Xi Jinping visits Washington next week, there is a fair chance the long-awaited bilateral investment treaty (BIT) between China and the US might get finalized. A win-win for both countries, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat.

A circuit breaker: a symbolic market tool – Sara Hsu

China´s stock market regulators launched the idea of a circuit breaker, to avoid heavy swings at the markets. The market would be stopped for 30 minutes after an upswing or downswing of more than five percent, at most once a day. Highly symbolic, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat, and it cannot be a proxy for real reform.

China stops manipulating the yuan and gets flak from Washington – Sara Hsu

Financial analyst Sara Hsu strongly disagrees with former US ambassador to the UN John Bolt as he accuses China it manipulated its currency by the recent devaluation. China is just doing what politicians in Washington have asked them to do, Hsu argues in PressTV. “They wanted China to become more market oriented.”

Time to take insider trading serious – Sara Hsu

The China Security Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has, again, announced it will act harshly in the case of insider trading. Rightfully so, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat. But it is not enough.