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How China targets green development – Sara Hsu

China tries to target green development on every thinkable level. Financial analyst Sara Hsu gives in the Diplomat an overview, for example how finance for green targets are being organized by the Green Target Task Force.

What will China´s economy do in 2016? – Sara Hsu

Financial analyst Sara Hsu looks ahead in the Diplomat at 2016 and what the announced economic shift might mean for the country and the world. An overview of the current state of financial reforms in China.

Slowly China´s central bank will let the Renminbi float – Sara Hsu

Nothing is moving fast, but slowly China´s central bank PBOC will loosing its traditionally iron grip on its currency, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat. Linking the Renminbi to a basket of currencies in stead of only the US dollar failed in the past, but might work out now.

Anti-corruption campaign hampers financial reforms – Sara Hsu

The anti-corruption campaign has hit China´s financial industry midships, and is now in the process of derailing the announced reforms, warns financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat, despite China´s inclusion into the IMF currency basket and the lifting of the deposit interest rate ceiling.

Is shadow banking in China dead? – Sara Hsu

For some time shadow banking emerged in China as a potentially dangerous tumor on its financial system, but seemed to have faded away when the real estate crisis hit the country. Financial analyst Sara Hsu has a thorough look at the current state of the industry in the Diplomat. Is shadow banking dead?

Who is hit by China´s economic slowdown? – Sara Hsu

China still has amazing growth figures, but not everybody is going to win the structural change the country is going through. Financial analyst Sara Hsu gives in the Diplomat an overview of the industries who relied on China´s double-digit growth an that will likely be hurt: commodities, real estate, import of goods and services.

How realistic is China´s new Five-year plan? – Sara Hsu

Slowly the first details of the upcoming new Five-year plan are emerging. A two-child policy, Innovation, green development, opening of the financial markets and better social insurances are on the agenda. Financial analyst Sara Hsu calls them in The Diplomat pretty realistic, because they build on existing plans.

Why China does not want the US to change interest rates – Sara Hsu

After the IMF, also China has asked the US not to raise their interest rates. For good reasons, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat. Step from the US had disastrous effects on the global economy in the past.

Will China later join the Trans Pacific Partnership? – Sara Hsu

China has backed out of the Trans Pacific Partnership, a long-negotiated trade agreement between a dozen countries. Political analyst Sara Hsu says in the Diplomat China might have enough reason and chance to join later, but has now too many other international commitments on its plate.

Why the Tobin tax is a bad idea for China – Sara Hsu

A high PBOC official has speculated about using the Tobin tax, a fee on capital flows, to discourage short-term speculation. Financial analyst Sara Hsu explains why the Tobin tax would be a bad idea for China in the Diplomat.