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Sam Flemming’s CIC bought by WPP

CIC, the leading company in following the word-of-mouth at the internet in China, has been bought by Kantar Media, a WPP group, CIC owner Sam Flemming announces at his website.

Top 5 most-read stories for 2011

The end of 2011 is nearing, a good time to see what stories from our speakers triggered off most interest in the past year. Since we have a look at the stats for a whole year, we miss a few recent stories that are making waves. For example, Tricia Wang’s story about her life as a street vendor has appealed to many who are in a Christmas mood.

Recalls tarnished HP’s image in China – Sam Flemming

Hewlett Packard’s market share in Asia is slipping, not in the last place because of the fallout of recalls in China, says Sam Flemming, director at CIC, in Business week. How another US firm messed up in China.

Most popular stories in September 2011

Today, our first selection of most-popular stories of the past month, September 2011. Do check here what others have been reading.

How does Sina weibo fits into China’s media landscape? – Sam Flemming

Sina Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, fits exactly into the media landscape of this moment, tells CIC-founder Sam Flemming in Thoughtful. On top of it, if offers tools for anonymous conversation, private groups and business pages, and is an instant hit among internet users.

Social media fight zombie users – Sam Flemming

Most social media users know these non-human ‘followers’, who increase traffic without participating in a real conversation. Sam Flemming reports that his company CIC has analyzed these skeleton or zombie users. News: internet celebrity Lee Kaifu has a million of them.

Groupon might have a chance in China – Sam Flemming

Image via Wikipedia The group buying company Groupon from Chicago has set its eyes on China, after successes in 29 countries, including Europe and Japan. Groupon might actually have a…

Flemming, Sam

Sam Flemming is co-founder and CEO of CIC, the first and leading Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) research and consulting firm in China. CIC is at the forefront of exploring Chinese digital culture, helping leading brands in China such as Pepsi and Nike understand how the Internet Word of Mouth is impacting and can be used to impact marketing communications, product research and development, reputation monitoring and public relations. He travels from Shanghai.