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Facebook faces more than censors in China – Sam Flemming

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has gone to great lenght to appease China´s leadership in an effort to enter the largest internet market again. But, says Sam Flemming, an internet veteran based in Shanghai to Reuters. Local competition might even be a tougher challenge, unlike in the US where Facebook broke new ground.

The dynamic state of the social media in 2016 – Sam Flemming

China´s social media have been developing fast and Sam Flemming, CEO of Kantar Media CIC, gives an update on the five most important developments for AdAge. China´s social media landscape is different from the West: It’s unique, fragmented and dynamic.

The march of WeChat, mobile and e-commerce – Sam Flemming

Sam Flemming, CEO of Kantar Media CIC, is taking the pulse of the latest changes in his ten years in the industry. WeChat, mobile and e-commerce continued to explode in 2015, he writes for Ad Age. From six observations, his take on WeChat.

Internet companies fight zombie followers – Sam Flemming

A massive following on China´s social media does not mean so much, as many are zombie followers. As the internet grows up, internet companies try to fight the zombies tells CIC-founder Sam Flemming in AdAge.

Why Twitter and Fcebook are too late for China – Sam Flemming

Western social media like Twitter and Facebook might get their first official inroads into China at the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, but the market has already been taken by giant and influential domestic players, tells internet watcher Sam Flemming at Reuters.

WeChat: changing the voice of the consumer – Sam Flemming

Hitting 300 million users in four months time, WeChat is a new kid at the block that is changing the voice, text and email of the consumers, argues CIC’s chairman Sam Flemming in ThoughtFull China.

China’s unique social media landscape – Sam Flemming

A common mistake outside observers make is taking their own social media experience, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, as the reference point for what is happening in China. Wrong, tells CIC-president Sam Flemming in China Innovation. China has a unique social media landscape.

What do Chinese internet users really want – Sam Flemming

They do not care about the censorship and are not longing for Twitter or Facebook. Group buying has been invented in China, and crowd sources is old news for them. Internet guru Sam Flemming takes on a few misconceptions about China’s internet users in the Pandodaily.

Doubts on Facebook’s China opportunities – Sam Flemming

Is Facebook entering China or not is a question asked by many now Facebook is heading for an IPO. Internet watcher Sam Flemming sees a hard time ahead for the company, not because of government restrictions, but because of fierce competition, he tells Reuters.

Looking for the hearts and souls of China’s internet users – Sam Flemming

The purchase of CIC by WPP has put China’s leading analytic firm of its vibrant social-media scene in the limelight. Founder and chairman Sam Flemming explains in AdAge the importance of his work. PepsiCo, Nike, Dell and L’Oreal belong to their customers.