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Winners of the October Golden Week – Roy Graff

The October holiday saw many new records in the tourism industry, as Chinese consumers went abroad in unprecedented number. Hospitality expert Roy Graff collected the numbers of winners and losers of the US$ 7.7 bn extravaganza for ChinaContact.

Are we ready for Chinese tourists? – Roy Graff

Chinese tourists are high on the priority lists for the tourism industry in Europe and the US. But are they ready for this new creed of guests? Hospitality expert for China Roy Graff gives some advises in the International Business Times.

You want Chinese tourists? Give’m visas! – Roy Graff

Tourism is not always rocket science. Hospitality expert Roy Graff explains why Britain only gets 160,000 out of 18 million Chinese tourists, despite the Olympics, lagging greatly behind Schengen countries like France and Switzerland. Make it easier to get visas, Graff suggest. And some other advises.

Why the US$ 4.7bn Tibet entertainment park is a bad idea – Roy Graff

Authorities disclosed last week a US$4.7bn plan for an entertainment park in Tibet, focusing on 15 millions visitors per year. A bad idea, says hospitality specialist Roy Graff on his weblog. He already sees the country littered with empty parks, destroying capital and nature.

Graff, Roy

Roy Graff is an accomplished Business Development and Marketing specialist with a focus on travel, hospitality and Chinese culture. Has led the market entry into China of a multinational travel company and launched his own China-focused niche market entry business. He travels from London, UK