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Are you ready for Chinese tourists? – Roy Graff

Chinese are changing the tourist industry in the west profoundly, says Roy Graff of ChinaContact in IBT. Getting your online presence is one key element: ““The issue is that if you have a global Twitter or Facebook marketing plan, you need a separate plan for their Chinese equivalents.”

China, the future of travel – by Roy Graff

Roy Graff, the eminent expert on China travel, will publish on April 21 his new book China, the future of travel, in London.

The changing Chinese tourist – Roy Graff

More exciting and diverse, describes tourism expert Roy Graff the increasingly fragmented market of now 19 million outbound Chinese tourists. Their numbers are growing fast and allows both mass marketing and interesting niche markets to develop. The internet is a key tool to get to them.

Independent travelers replace tour groups – Roy Graff

The traditional Chinese tour groups, with a flag and similar hats for all, are being replace by more independent travelers, tells China tourism expert Roy Graff in the Atlantic. “Attitudes are changing.”

New tourism law might hurt the middle-man – Roy Graff

The new tourism law, aimed at protecting consumers, might hurt travel agents on the short run, but destinations can benefit, if they play their cards right, says tourism expert Roy Graff in the Travelmole.com. Independent travel is on the rise.

What can London do for Chinese tourists? – Roy Graff

The UK might be lagging in attracting Chinese tourists, a great city like London can still do more to accommodate those tourists who take the initial barriers to the island. Hospitality specialist Roy Graff spells out some tips for the city in the ChinaContact newsletter.

Chinese tourists, beyond the cliches – Roy Graff

Chinese tourists not only boom in numbers, they are much harder to understand, as their wishes diversify. China hospitality expert Roy Graff discusses at the China Weekly Hangout the place of governments, travel agents and the tourists themselves.

Why London is lagging behind in Chinese tourists – Roy Graff

A cumbersome visa system, no Chinese language brochures. Those are just a few of the barriers the UK and London have in place to stop more Chinese tourists from visiting their country, almost ten years after the first groups were allowed in, hospitality expert Roy Graff tells Christine Lu in the Jing Daily.

Visa rules still hamper Chinese tourists – Roy Graff

Tourist offices worldwide compete to get more heavy-spending Chinese to their countries, but strict visa rules remain the no.1 barrier on the road for traveling Chinese, writes hospitality specialist Roy Graff in ChinaContact. But things are getting better.

Ten years of unprecedented growth in China tourism – Roy Graff

Hospitality and travel expert Roy Graff looks in China Contact back at ten years of giant growth since he got involved with tourism in China. “Suddenly China became the only growth source market seemingly unaffected by the global woes.”