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China keeps Western geniuses away – Paul Denlinger

The US have a special visa to lure foreign talents, the H-1B visa, but China is doing exactly the opposite, giving foreigners a hard time to come to China, writes China analyst Paul Denlinger on his weblog the China Vortex.

With the Chinese, their startups also move abroad – Paul Denlinger

Conventional wisdom says China-focused online operations need to be solid China-based, with compulsory governmental and political controls. China expert Paul Denlinger challenges that concept and as Chinese leave China and new start-ups will based elsewhere, he writes in the China Vortex.

Why this crisis is tougher for China – Paul Denlinger

Bear and bulls are fighting each other on the effects of the global crisis on China’s economy. Business analyst Paul Denlinger explains on his weblog China Vortex why this crisis is worse for China than the previous one.

China’s leadership: caught between inflation and deflation – Paul Denlinger

Cooling down inflation, stiff rising wages: China’s leadership has a hard time to steer between two evils, writes business analyst Paul Denlinger in Forbes. Things do not look well for the new leaders in 2012.

Is Groupon conquering China? No way – Paul Denlinger

Paul Denlinger “From the perspective of those who have experience with the brutally competitive Chinese market where virtually no non-Chinese companies have succeeded, Groupon’s management seemed to make all the…

Why Yahoo cannot ignore China – Paul Denlinger

Paul Denlinger by Fantake via Flickr China’s leading eCommerce site Alibaba.com is in another spat with its largest shareholder Yahoo (neatly summarized here in the Wall Street Journal) because it started to recruit advertisers…

Green tech: China’s only way – Paul Denlinger

Paul Denlinger via Flickr Business analyst Paul Denlinger explains in Forbes why China has to go green, for offering its citizens a Western lifestyle, while preserving the environment at the…

Internet censorship as an economic indicator – Paul Denlinger

Paul Denlinger  via Flickr Business analyst Paul Denlinger makes at his weblog China Vortex a smart connection between the recent upsurge in internet crackdowns and the expected economic uncertainty caused…

All is not fine for Google in China – Paul Denlinger

Paul Denlinger via Flickr Google might have gotten its one-year extension of its internet license in China, but that does not mean all its troubles are over, writes business analyst Paul Denlinger in…

Immelt, China has its own interests – Paul Denlinger

Business analyst Paul Denlinger only falls short of making fun of GE‘s CEO Jeff Immelt at his weblog ChinaVortex that China is pursuing its own interests, when dealing with the…