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Moderators at the China Speakers Bureau (updated)

At the China Speakers Bureau, we mostly organize excellent experts on different fields regarding China. But our clients now and then are also looking for people who can guide an debate, host an event an act as moderators. A few of our speakers have earned their stripes in the way, and here are a few of them.

China wastes no time in expanding – Mario Cavolo

China actions to fight Ebola, setting up a 100-bed facility in 30 days in Liberia, was one of the recent examples the country is not wasting a lot of time in getting things done, whenever it has made up its mind. Author Mario Cavolo of China: The Big Lie?: The Truth of Trillions in a Culture of Cash dives into the factor speed of China´s expansion.

Why China is not poor – Mario Cavolo

Author Mario Cavolo of China: The Big Lie?: The Truth of Trillions in a Culture of Cash explains in the China Economic Review why China and the Chinese are less poor than many expect. China has a cash economy, he argues, where trillions are hidden from the eye.

Book deals with our authors

Some of our speakers are also prolific authors. Just over the past weeks, two potential bestsellers got published, and we expect a few later this year. Now, policies of both speakers and their publishers might vary, but when you hire one of our speakers you might be eligible for a book deal.
Some of our speakers see books as a support act for their speaking activities, and might actually bring their books for free. Others can get their books for a decent discount from their publishers, or offer a discount themselves, since they see their book also as a good way to promote themselves.

Real estate problems are limited in size – Mario Cavolo

Most media are hyping up the problems in China´s real estate, argues author Mario Cavolo on his website. Fortunately, he finds support in articles in the Wall Street Journal by Nicole Wong and in research of CLSA.

Why China is not going to crash – Mario Cavolo

The story of China collapsing has moved into a new edition now growth and especially real estate is no longer growing double-digit. Wrong, says author Mario Cavolo, whose book China: The Big Lie? the Truth of Trillions in a Culture of Cash was just published for North America by Sino Media International’s Long River Press.

China: poor according to whose standards? – Mario Cavolo

How rich is China? Many number crunchers have discussing that issue over the past few weeks. But the assumption China is a poor country, displayed in a blogpost at the Guardian, is certainly not true, writes an angry China veteran Mario Cavolo on his website.

A day in the life of Mr. Wang – Mario Cavolo

Next month Mario Cavolo´s book ´The Big Lie´will appear in the US, and ahead of the publication his weblog publishes excepts of his book. An ” imaginary and obviously unrealistic day in the life of a typical middle-class man living an ordinary life in Shanghai”.

Why the BBC got me angry on another crash story – Mario Cavolo

The story China is collapsing, or in a minor variation crashing, seems to be inevitable. Author Mario Cavolo got upset about the latest ´crash´story from the BBC and decided not to ignore it, but got angry, on his weblog. “Oh good grief, here we go again.”

How chicken brought the Wang´s a fortune – Mario Cavolo

China´s middle class, not only the very rich, collected trillions in savings, hidden from the formal economy, argues the author Mario Cavolo in his bestseller. On his website he explains how the Wang´s saved their fortune by simply selling chicken on the street.