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Disrupted in New York – Marc van der Chijs

Shanghai-based erial internet entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs reports on his weblog about the slightly disappointing Techcrunch Disrupt conference in New York.

10 misconceptions on casual gaming – Marc van der Chijs

“Girls are no real gamers”. This and nine other misconceptions on social and casual games are addressed by Marc van der Chijs, serial internet entrepreneur and angel investor in Shanghai.

The booming value of online game firms – Marc van der Chijs

Online gaming has developed in the past five years from a niche market into a booming industry, writes former Spil Games Asia CEO Marc van der Chijs in his weblog. Valuation for gaming companies like Zynga and Playdom have gone up dramatically and valuations will continue to rise.

Why Weibo will surpass Twitter – Marc van der Chijs

Marc van der Chijs China’s twitter eauquivalent Sina’s Weibo might very soon pass Twitter in popularity, writes Tudou.com co-founder  Marc van der Chijs on his weblog, although the rest of…

If I were Groupon – Marc van der Chijs

Image via Wikipedia China Internet veteran Marc van der Chijs has a thorough look at the already sorrow state of Groupon‘s effort to enter the China market, together with the…

Inflation pushes business and workers out of big cities – Marc van der Chijs

Many do not return after CNY via Wikipedia Tudou.com founder Marc van der Chijs warns in his weblog that higher prices and wages is forcing businesses and people out of…

Tudou turns to internet TV – Marc van der Chijs

Marc van der Chijs Flickr Tudou, one of China’s largest video hosting companies, is making a surprise move by making the first -made-for-internet soap, explains Marc van der Chijs, co-founder…

Chijs, Marc van der

Marc van der Chijs arrived last century as an expat for Daimler-Benz, but booked his largest successes as the co-founder of China’s largest video hosting site Tudou and until February 2011 as CEO for the game developer Spil Group Asia. He is now a serial internet entrepreneur and angel investor. He travels from Vancouver, Canada.