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The rising tide of angel investors – Marc van der Chijs

Raising your first capital was a major challenge when serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs started Tudou, one of China’s largest video hosting firms. He works now as an angle investor and is happy to see startups have it much easier to get first funding, he tells Gary Yau-Chan of Renselaer in China.

An anti-foreigner sentiment on the rise – Marc van der Chijs

Personally, he is not worried, serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs writes on his weblog, but the anti-foreigner sentiment in China has become stronger than ever during his 12-year stay in the country. Social media and political changes are moving faster than ever.

Foreign entrepreneurs: avoid China – Marc van der Chijs

Marc van der Chijs might be a serial entrepreneur in Shanghai, the co-founder of the successful video hosting firm Tudou, but China is nowadays not offering the climate a start-up company needs, he tells in SGentrepreneurs.com. “If I set up a business today, it won’t be in China,” he says.

Pros and cons of Asian locations for start-ups – Marc van der Chijs

Shanghai-based serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs discusses with the Bangkok Post the pros and cons of different Asian locations for start-ups. Koh Samui is one of his possible bets for the future.

Life start-ups tougher in China than in Silicon Valley – Marc van der Chijs

Compared to Silicon Valley, foreign entrepreneurs setting up start-ups have a tougher life in China, says Shanghai-based serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs in ZDNetasia. Having good partners and network connections is key, he adds.

UnitedStyles: 3rd most innovative China company – Marc van der Chijs

Consumer-based fashion designer UnitedStyles from Shanghai has become the no.3 most innovative company in China, according to Fastcompany. Yet another success for co-founder and serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs.

Most sought-after speakers February 2012

Our top-10 of most sought-after speakers for February 2012, in busy first post Chinese New Year’s weeks

Leaving Shanghai pollution behind me – Marc van der Chijs

I will never set up a company in Shanghai again, promises serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs, after he had a look at the polluted Shanghai sky from his apartment. Van der Chijs can move his online ventures, but where should he go to, he wonders on his weblog.

Recreating fasion design from Shanghai – Marc van der Chijs

Serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs, co-founder of video hosting firm Tudou, launched this week UnitedStyles, a new website to let you design your own clothes online. He tells in TechCrunch how he is going to recreate fashion design.

Most sought-after speakers October 2011

One of the mantra’s in our communication with our speakers is: make yourself heard. So we push them to write on weblogs, mainstream media and some of the many social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the upcoming force: Google+.