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Why I decided to leave Shanghai – Marc van der Chijs

A tougher business climate, poor internet connections and other problems did not deter serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs from working in Shanghai. But when his son started coughing, he left for Vancouver, Canada. The pollution was too much, he tells The Vancouver Sun.

Size matters for mainland start-ups – Marc van der Chijs

In China start-ups are successful and huge, or you fail, there is no way in between, says serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs in the Wall Street Journal. His success was video-sharing company Tudou, other ventures saw more trouble.

Why I left China – Marc van der Chijs

Foreigners have always been leaving China, but every now and then a high-profile departure hits the headlines. In CNN formerly Shanghai-based entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs explains why he left for Vancouver, Canada.

A festival of broken start-up dreams – Marc van der Chijs

Shanghai-based VC Marc van der Chijs has a brilliant idea. Why not use the many failed business ideas and technology of start-ups and create an online market of broken dreams? He has not the time to execute, he writes on his weblog, so he hopes somebody steals his idea.

Shanghai Marathon still accepts Japanese – Marc van der Chijs

The Beijing Marathon refuses Japanese “for security reasons”, the Shanghai Marathon kicked out a Japanese sponsor, but still accepts Japanese runners, writes participant Marc van der Chijs on his weblog.

Shanghai nixes Japanese marathon sponsor – Marc van der Chijs

“Sport and politics do not go together in China,” sights Marc van der Chijs, serial entrepreneur and marathon running, on his weblog, after he learned the Shanghai government kicked out Shanghai marathon sponsor Toray after 16-years, because the company is Japanese.

What does it take for an entrepreneur to succeed in China? – Marc van der Chijs

Marc van der Chijs co-founded Tudou, worked for Spil Games Asia, and now organized fashion firm United Styles. What does it take to succeed as an entrepreneur in China, asked the SXL Group our serial entrepreneur and former VC.

Why the New York Times heads for an internet block – Marc van der Chijs

The New York Times started an online edition in simplified Chinese to lure luxury good advertisers. A commendable move, writes serial entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs on his weblog, but also a receipt for disaster, as an internet block seems unavoidable.

When Tudou and Youku merged – Marc van der Chijs

“Yes, it felt weird,” summerizes Tudou-founder Marc van der Chijs the decision in March to merge with rival Youku, the numbers one and two on China’s competitive video hosting market. But it was the right way to go forward, he tells The Pandodaily.

Top-10 most-read stories in May 2012

We noted already in April the storm of news coming over us, May has not been different. The fall out of the Bo Xilai case, a anti-foreigner drive in Beijing, bringing CCTV anchor Yang Rui in the limelight. And two of our speakers, Shaun Rein and Tom Doctoroff are in the middle of the promotion campaign of what promises to be two bestsellers on China.