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China´s internet users are different – Kaiser Kuo

Western tech companies often make wrong assumptions about what Chinese internet users want, tells Baidu´s director of communication Kaiser Kuo in the Korea JoongAng Daily. “They are not as fragmented as the US users.”

The dangers of social media hypes – Kaiser Kuo

Corporations jump too easy on the latest social media hype, without knowing what they are talking about, argues Baidu´s director international communication Kaiser Kuo in the Holmes report.

Technology moves away from the geeks to the masses – Kaiser Kuo

Disruptive new technologies of the coming decade will not focus on a small number of geeks, but on the billions of users, Baidu´s director of international communication Kaiser Kuo, according to the Holmes Report. “And PR people are not prepared for that change.”

20 Years of Internet: China´s profound transformation – Kaiser Kuo

Twenty years ago the internet in China became available, and no other change has made such an impacts on the Chinese society, says Kaiser Kuo, director international communication at China´s largest search engine Baidu at CNN.

Baidu tracks migration during CNY – Kaiser Kuo

China´s leading search engine Baidu launched just before Chinese New Year a heatmap, showing how the millions of Chinese make their way home and back. Director international communication Kaiser Kuo show some of the findings and patterns Baidu discovered to the Wall Street Journal.

Multiscreen video content key for future – Kaiser Kuo

Seamless transfer between video devices is key for the industry and its players, says Baidu´s director communications Kaiser Kuo. China´s second search engine Baidu offers this already for search, but the development will continue, he tells in Knowledge CKGSB.

The story of 2014: Xi Jinping – Kaiser Kuo

The consolidation of president Xi Jinping´s power is going to be the news story of 2014, says Kaiser Kuo, director international relations at Baidu in PRI. Kuo has a rather positive view on 2014, despite recent rise in international tensions.

Apps key for mobile internet – Kaiser Kuo

Until recently, the mobile internet was one of the weak points of China’s leading search engine Baidu. Apps are key for mobile internet, explains their director international communication Kaiser Kuo to CKGSB Knowledge. And that explains exactly the recent acquisitions by Baidu.

China’s internet: a greater sense of freedom – Kaiser Kuo

No smoking and no pets are the major bans at China’s largest search engine Baidu, tells Kaiser Kuo, director international communication at the firm. Despite restrictions, China’s internet offers its users more freedom than the average American might thing, he tells in Star Tribune.

How Baidu takes on Egypt, and the world – Kaiser Kuo

China’s largest search engine Baidu, number two in the world, is expanding globally. Kaiser Kuo, director international communication, explains in Knowledge CKGSB its global strategy, and why Egypt is high on the list of countries it wants to conquer.