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Kaiser Kuo leaves Baidu, returns to the US

Kaiser Kuo, currently head international communication of Beijing-based Baidu, will leave the company and return to the US, writes TechCrunch.”China’s tech scene is losing one of its most recognizable and influential faces.”

Beijing, the Mecca of heavy metal – Kaiser Kuo

Rock artist and Baidu communication director Kaiser Kuo recalls in the Wall Street Journal how Beijing became for a short while the Mecca of heavy metal, as artists from around the world gathered for this niche market in music.

Ctrip, Qunar team up in travel market – Kaiser Kuo

While competition can be fierce in China, another feature is even more remarkable. Competitors team up, like Ctrip and the Baidu-supported Qunar have swapped shares. Baidu communication director Kaiser Kuo explains in the New York Times why the companies together can serve better the travel market.

Why Baidu is much more than just Google – Kaiser Kuo

China´s Baidu is often dubbed China´s Google, but Kaiser Kuo, Baidu´s director of international communications, is happy to explain the SF Chronicle what American and European internet users are currently missing when they rely on Google, and what they might can get in the future.

How Baidu became a leader in Big Data – Kaiser Kuo

As China´s largest search engine, it was obvious that Baidu has access to an enormous amount of big data. Communication director Kaiser Kuo explains how Baidu has been building on that main asset for Knowledge CKGSB.

Baidu rebuilds Nepal virtually – Kaiser Kuo

Baidu, China´s largest search engine, has launched an initiative to rebuild Nepal virtually, in 360 degrees using the many existing pictures of destroyed sites. Communication director Kaiser Kuo explains on his Facebook page how it works, and how tourists´pictures will be used.

Reasons for Baidu to look abroad – Kaiser Kuo

China´s internet giants are looking increasingly abroad, not only to find new markets, but also to find new technology and good engineers, says Kaiser Kuo, director international communication at China´s largest search engine Baidu. In Knowledge CKGSB.

Chinese do not think that much about India – Kaiser Kuo

Political relations between China and India are tense, and Indian internet users follow the issue closely. The opposite happens at the other side of the border, says Kaiser Kuo, director international communication of Baidu in the Beijing Review. “The sad truth is that most Chinese just don’t think that often about India.”

The Haphazard Empire – Howard French

Author and journalist Howard French discusses his book China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa, at the Sinica Podcast with Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn. He explains why the original title The Haphazard Empire, covers his book better: the unplanned migration of over a million of Chinese to Africa.

Baidu´s smartbike coming to you – Kaiser Kuo

Baidu is about to release a new feature into the internet of things: a smartbike. Baidu director communication Kaiser Kuo explains the features in investors.com. First release will be in China, but “there’s no reason necessarily we would leave it only in China.”