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Censorship will prevail, even when Facebook enters China – Kaiser Kuo

Mark Zuckerberg caused quite some controversy when plans emerged to censor Facebook to facilitate a possible return for the company to China again. Whether you agree or disagree, the way China censors the internet is more than just blocking a few Western sites, and will not go away, says internet expert Kaiser Kuo in ChinaFile.

Cultural change experts at the China Speakers Bureau

China is proud about its millennia old culture, but just like the rest of society, its culture is also changing very fast. Old concepts like guanxi, losing face and the suppressed position of women are not what they were even a few decades ago. Many so-called China experts still cling to those old idea, but fortunately, we can offer a range of speakers at the China Speakers Bureau who have a clear view on how China´s culture is changing.

30 Years of change in China – Kaiser Kuo

This summer journalist and internet expert Kaiser Kuo left his position at Baidu, to return to the US and works as a host of the Sinica podcast at China-focused media startup SupChina. At CCTV he looks back at almost 30 years of change, he experienced. The 1980s saw still most profound change, he tells. Then the software, the mentality changed profoundly. Later it was mostly the hardware of the country that adjusted to those earlier changes.

Facebook makes more chance than Google in China – Kaiser Kuo

Western internet companies have a troublesome history in China, but – says internet veteran Kaiser Kuo in the Technology Review – Facebook has a bigger chance to reenter China than Google. “Google is not trusted.”

The complicated relation between tech firms and the government – Kaiser Kuo

It´s complicated, says former Baidu communication director Kaiser Kuo about the relationship between China´s booming tech companies and the government. The outside world sees even private companies often as extentions of the government. Wrong, explains Kaiser Kuo in interview with the Young China Watchers.

Uber did things right in China, but still lost – Kaiser Kuo

Uber learned much from the failures of other American internet companies who tried to enter the China market, but still failed. China veteran Kaiser Kuo looks in ChinaFile at the competitive market in China, making it almost impossible for foreign internet companies to gain substantial market share.

Censorship does not stop China´s tech sector – Kaiser Kuo

Americans believe that China´s censorship at the internet is stifling creativity in the tech industry. Wrong, says tech commentator Kaiser Kuo who recently left internet giant Baidu as communication director to return on the US in the Washington Post.

Raising kids bi-culturally – Kaiser Kuo

I did it for the kids, says former Baidu communication director Kaiser Kuo in his exit interview on the Sinica podcast. He recently swapped Beijing for Chapel Hill, NC in the US. I wanted them to be truly bi-cultural, and after learning and submerging in China during their first years, going to college in the US was inevitable. `We planned this move for five years.” While the political climate is not improving, it was not the reason to leave, he says. “It was way worse when I arrived here.”

China is not pushing for a new imperial future – Kaiser Kuo

Getting the US-China relations right is tough because so many misunderstandings persist in the US when it comes to China. Recently returned China veteran Kaiser Kuo sits down with The Diplomat trying to deal with some of those wrong perceptions. “China has been far more of a rule-taker than it has been a rule-maker.”

Expanding China´s information horizon – Kaiser Kuo

Kaiser Kuo is leaving China after twenty years, and internet giant Baidu after six year. On May 4 he will get an award of the Asia Society Northern California, where he will settle down to work professionally on his Sinica Podcast. For Asia Society Kaiser looks back, on the internet and foreign correspondents.