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Why a deal with the Umbrella movement is unlikely – Jasper Becker

Talks might be going on between Hong Kong protesters and the government, but a deal is very unlikely, explains journalist and China veteran Jasper Becker in the Eurasia Review. From a debate on the results of the Hong Kong protest movement.

What did the US gain from Kissinger’s China move? – Jasper Becker

Former state secretary of state Henry Kissinger rightly claims to be the architect of US-China relations, tells Jasper Becker in The Australian. But was supporting Mao Zedong and the Communist Party in the interest of America, he wonders.

Kissinger fails to answer key question ‘On China’ – Jasper Becker

Former foreign correspondent Jasper Becker wonders in a review in The Guardian why in 600 pages Henry Kissinger’s ‘On China’ did not answer the most important issue at stake: why did Richard Nixon decide it was in the interest of the US to protect communist China?

‘Fat China’ scores in most-sought speakers for September 2010

Paul French by Fantake via Flickr Some remarkable changes in our monthly top-10 of most-sought speakers. While most of the listed speakers hold on to their position in the list,…

Becker, Jasper

Jasper Becker is one of the leading voices on China’s development, setting his reputation as an author with a monumental work “Hungry Ghosts” on China’s secret famines that changed the world’s perception on China. He worked over twenty years as a foreign correspondent in China. He travels from Beijing.