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About not writing a book about China – Janet Carmosky

It took Janet Carmosky thirty years not to write a book about what she knows about China, she tells in Forbes, and hopes Former US Treasury Secretary and Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson will take at least that much time before he finishes his announced book on China.

Health care under the knife – Janet Carmosky

Old people’s home in Shanghai The reform of the health care is one of the core changes China is going through. Janet Carmosky summerizes her insight on the health care…

Value creation in US-China relationship – Janet Carmosky

What can women contribute in the debate on leadership and value creation in the US-China relationship, Janet Carmosky, CEO of the China Business Network, asks herself in her key-note address. “We know a lot about tenacity. To challenge and to protect equally.”

Is there hope for Gap in China? – Janet Carmosky

Janet Carmosky via Flickr Janet Carmosky kicks off another debate on US companies entering the China market: is US mall stalwart Gap having a chance in fashionable China, she wonders…

China is too busy to rule the world – Janet Carmosky

Janet Carmosky by Fantake via Flickr Janet Carmosky addressed the China Business Toolbox, in September in Philadelphia and summarized why the fear of China ruling the world is misplaced. They are simply…

Why strengthening of the RMB is wrong for the US – Janet Carmosky

Image via Wikipedia China played a key role in the emotions surrounding the US midterm elections. Janet Carmosky explains in Forbes why strengthening of the Chinese currency is wrongly on…

Carmosky, Janet

Janet Carmosky is one of the leading voices on China business in the US. With a heavy experience of a wide range of industries in China, its culture and way of dealing with the people. In a hands-on way she has a very convincing story for both beginners and veterans in dealing with China. She travels from New York.