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Most sought-after speakers October 2011

One of the mantra’s in our communication with our speakers is: make yourself heard. So we push them to write on weblogs, mainstream media and some of the many social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the upcoming force: Google+.

China’s currency is not the issue – Janet Carmosky

Trade sanctions in China will not create jobs in the USA, argues China-veteran Janet Carmosky in Forbes. She disassembles three of the most-used arguments in favor of trade sanctions.

Most sought-after China speakers September 2011

Big changes on our monthly list of most-sought speakers for September, compared to August 2011. A few speakers saw their position rise firmly, and four re-entered our top-10. Paul French…

Why the US needs China to manipulate its currency – Janet Carmosky

Because China has a trade deficit, it has to buy treasury bonds, Janet Carmosky explains in the next sequel of “China What?”. Some American politicians want China to stop buying those bonds, but it is not in the interest of the US citizens when China stops doing that, says Carmosky.

China bashing season kicks off – Janet Carmosky

The GOP primary season has started, so China as a currency manipulater, the trade deficits and the country’s trade practises are back on the agenda, sights business analyst Janet Carmosky in her column in Forbes and tries to explain the Chinese position. It still needs two to tango.

China What? Water as the new oil – Janet Carmosky

Janet Carmosky looks at her weekly show ‘China What?’ at US-China relations and focuses today at water, the new oil. China has pretty much enough, she explains, but it is very uneven distributed and 70 percent is so polluted, it is actually unusable.

China What – the Made-in-China show – Janet Carmosky

Have American jobs been moving to China? In her ‘China What’ show Janet Carmosky shows that only a fraction of the US consumption is actually made in China. Most goes to services, and 80 percent of the rest, is made in the US. Here are the details.

China What… on the new aircraft carrier – Janet Carmosky

US-based China watcher Janet Carmosky explains in her video sequel what we should think of China, and this times wonders what we should think about the country’s new aircraft carrier in the China-US relations.

Most-sought speakers for June 2011

Our website went through a major improvements and that has caused also some drastic changes in how our visitors look for speakers. Compared to our previous top-10 listing from April, the top-positions are still taken by both Shaun Rein and Kaiser Kuo. But we see a few newcomers in the list, Janet Carmosky and Tricia Wang.

How to earn respect in China – Janet Carmosky

Getting respect in China is tough for any business executive, writes Janet Carmosky in Forbes. Defining criteria: Chinese have to define you as smart, but most foreign expats have no clue how to gain that.