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China’s dream with a stripe of green – Janet Carmosky

China’s president Xi Jinping is following the Chinese dream, just like his predecessor Hu Jintao sought a harmonious society. China-veteran Janet Carmosky discovers a shade of green in this Chinese dream, she writes in Forbes.

Getting corporate noses in the US and China into the same direction – Janet Carmosky

The battle lines between HQ and the China team are the famous basis of many failures of US firms in China. China veteran Janet Carmosky explains in the China Business Review what can be done to get the noses of those teams and their HQ’s into the same direction.

Integrity counts for Chinese firms – Janet Carmosky

Should China put its hope on private companies, or rely on the old state-owned forces. For China veteran Janet Carmosky it is not important where a company gets its capital from, but integrity counts, she writes in Forbes. “Bankers never had the skills to evaluate commercial risk.”

The disconnect between China hands and corporate life – Janet Carmosky

China is here too stay, in corporate life, writes China hand Janet Carmosky in Forbes. But between the China hands and that corporate life there is a huge disconnect, that needs to be repaired, she argues. China hands are used as painkillers, not as part of a long term strategy.

Comparing two big elections – Janet Carmosky

Next week both China and the US will elect a leadership for their countries. China veteran Janet Carmosky compares in Forbes both elections.

The challenge for chairman Zong and Wahaha – Paul French

Chairman Zong Qinghao is not only the richest man in China, according to the latest Forbes China rich list, but has been a successful leader to his Wahaha, China beverage giant. Forbes asks retail analyst Paul French why.

Janet Carmosky to appear in first China Weekly Hangout

US-based China veteran Janet Carmosky will appear tomorrow in the first China Weekly Hangout, focusing on the recent trend among some high-profile foreigners, leaving China with some fanfare. The China Weekly is going to be a weekly live feature, broadcast on YouTube.

Most sought-after speakers November 2011

The financial crisis in both Europe and the US is deepening, so it is no wonder that the November top-10 of most sought-after speakers has a few of our financial specialists on top. Both Shaun Rein and Victor Shih have been trying to dispel especially European hopes China could bail their economy out.

Most popular stories of October 2011

Our second edition of the monthly most-read stories on our website, after the successful start of our sequel “most popular stories” last month.

Why the Chinese, and the Americans, do not feel they are winning – Janet Carmosky

Unstoppable economic growth, more wealth and growing political leverage has not made the Chinese citizens really happier and they find themselves in a dead-end, like the Americans. Self-declared sino-centric Janet Carmosky explains why we need more than only a GDP number in the Scenario Magazine.