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James Farrer: Pacific Fellow at the Carnegie Council

The Carnegie Council has appointed six Pacific Fellows, among them professor of sociology at the Sophie University in Tokyo James Farrer and author of Shanghai Nightscapes: A Nocturnal Biography of a Global City.

Chinese women discovered adultery, and it is big – James Farrer

Adultery has traditionally been a male thing. But in China – as the socialist country claimed their women were equal to men – women have expanded their equality also into adultery, says professor James Farrer, an eminent scholar on China┬┤s sexuality in the Atlantic.

US: distracted from the China-Japan struggle – James Farrer

The attention of the US is unfortunately drawn to the middle-east, as the Gordian knot of territorial claims of China and Japan continue to hamper international relations, writes Tokyo-based scholar James Farrer in Policy Innovations.

First sex, a precious gift in China – James Farrer

James Farrer compares the attitude of premaritial sex of Japanese and Chinese youth. Both accept sex in a dating relationship, but in China sex is part of a carefully planned deal making and seen as a highly valuable gift. ChinaShmina summarized the article.

Farrer, James

James Farrer is a leading expert on sexuality in China and Japan. In a dynamic and knowledgeable way he addresses one of the fast-changing sides of China’s dynamic society: its youth culture. He is the director of the Institute of Comparative Culture at Sophia University. He travels from Tokyo.