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Great female expert speakers on China (updated)

As a relatively new agency, at the China Speakers Bureau, never has a shortage of female speakers: women are still a minority at our lists and rankings, but a sizable minority of about 40 percent. We seldom point that out to our clients and potential clients, but want to make for once an exception.

How China caused the financial crisis – Heleen Mees

Not Wall Street but China is the real cause of the financial crisis, explained economist Heleen Mees in November at TedXAmsterdam. Adding a billion workers to the global work force, changed that world. And what can we do to get out of the crisis?

Why China’s growth model makes sense – Heleen Mees

Location makes a difference for successful industries, but government can help, argues NYU economist Heleen Mees against New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. In Post-Syndicate, she explains why China’s growth model makes sense, and uses the trade explosion province of Yunnan as an illustration.

The marginalization of labor – Heleen Mees

China and India are not only adding potential consumers to the market, their integration in the global economy has added a large labor force, leading to the marginalization of labor, writes NYU economist Heleen Mees in Project Syndicate.

Relaxation Hukou needed to boost economy – Heleen Mees

China’s domestic visa system, the Hukou, is a drain on its economy and makes if very hard for the industry to switch from export and investment driven to a consumption economy, says economist Heleen Mees in the Globe&Mail.

How Ben Bernanke triggered off the Great Depression – Heleen Mees

Economist Heleen Mees is making her first inroads into the US media with her PhD, blaming Chinese savings as the basis for the current financial crisis. But they got help, explains Heleen Mees in CNBC, as Ben Bernanke, chairman of the US Federal Reserve, triggered of aggressive rate cuts from the early 2000s.

Will the Chinese stop saving (that much)? – Heleen Mees

Today economist Heleen Mees will defend her PdD at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam putting the blame of the financial crisis on China, for its high savings by households, companies and government. But why do Chinese saved that much and when will it stop, she asks in Voxeu.

China’s savings, not banking products, caused financial crisis – Heleen Mees

The first summaries of economist Heleen Mees’ PhD in Dutch media caused already a little uproar this week. Not evil banking products, but China’s high savings rate are the base of the ongoing financial crisis, is the short story. The whole story is slightly more complicated.

Is the prevailing economic doctrine right? – Heleen Mees

Just weeks ahead of defending her PhD on the question if China’s boom caused the financial crisis, NYU associate professor Heleen Mees wonders in The Financial Times, if the prevailing economic doctrine needs a revision.

Heleen Mees joins China Speakers Bureau

“China’s boom caused the financial crisis and ensuing economic recession.” That is the central theme of the PhD economist, lawyer and publicist Heleen Mees hopes to receive in August. The China Speakers Bureau is happy to welcome Heleen Mees as their latest speaker.