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No reason to expect financial volatility now – Arthur Kroeber

Leading economist Arthur Kroeber does not see reason for financial volatility in the short run, he tells at Bloomberg. The Chinese government will not try another devaluation, like they mistakenly did in August, and the funding of banks is very solid, at least for the next two to three years.

Financial reform, Xi´s battleground – Arthur Kroeber

Journalist Ian Johnson interviews economist Arthur Kroeber, author of China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know® on – among other subjects – China´s financial reforms and what has been derailing them in the New York Times. “The desire to control things has won out over the desire to reform and liberalize.”

China´s old growth model does not work anymore – Arthur Kroeber

Building more infrastructure has been a receipt for China to keep its economy growing double-digit for a long time. But that old growth model is no longer working, tells economist Arthur Kroeber, author of China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know® in an interview with QZ.

Arthur Kroeber: between the bull and the bear

The Economist reviews economist Arthur Kroeber´s book China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know®, where he explores the options for China between collapse and success. “Between these extremes lies a wide expanse of “muddle-through” alternatives.”

Can China avoid Japan´s mistakes? – Arthur Kroeber

China is ahead of a range of challenging decisions, writes economist Arthur Kroeber in BloombergView. There is a real danger China will enter economic stagnation just like Japan did in the past, and Kroeber is not sure China´s leadership can avoid the same mistakes Japan made.

What investors have to know about China – Arthur Kroeber

Investors have a hard time in figuring out what is happening in China. There are a few basics, says economist Arthur Kroeber, where they often get it wrong, he tells Benefits Canada, and he tries to address them.

China needs to be a Singapore on steroids – Arthur Kroeber

China has three scenario´s to choose from by the end of next year, when the new Party Congress convenes, tells author Arthur Kroeber,China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know®, at the European Council of Foreign Relations. Or Russia-style nationalism, Japan-style slowdown 2.0 or a Singapore on steroids.

Again: China is not heading for a crisis – Arthur Kroeber

Foreign media see – wrongly – often many crises appearing in China, writes economist Arthur Kroeber in his upcoming book China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know®. The Australian Financial Review has an early review. There are problems, but “he does not see a headline-grabbing crisis, rather a slow Japanese-style decline.”

China under Xi: the party or the economy – Arthur Kroeber

Is Xi Jinping striving for a more efficient economy or does he want to solidify party control, wonders economist Arthur Kroeber in the Australian Financial Review. “There is growing concern that Xi has tipped the scales in favour of political control, at the expense of economic growth,”

Financial liberalization: China´s only solution – Arthur Kroeber

China can avoid the economic traps Japan and Brazil fell into, but only when it is going to take the liberalization of its financial markets serious, writes economist Arthur Kroeber for the Nikkei Magazine. But “on the core issues of debt control and pruning the state sector there is little evidence of progress.”