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China’s right to undervalue its exchange rate – Arthur Kroeber

China is manipulating its currency to boost its export, US criticasters say. China sees an undervalued exchange rate as the right of a developing country, just like other did in the past, argues economic analyst Arthur Kroeber in the Voice of America.

China: expected to continue economic growth – Arthur Kroeber

Europe and the US might be bracing for another economic hit, but economic analyst Arthur Kroeber explains in The Financial Times why he expects China to continue growing – in stead of crashing like others predict.

Most sought-after China speakers September 2011

Big changes on our monthly list of most-sought speakers for September, compared to August 2011. A few speakers saw their position rise firmly, and four re-entered our top-10. Paul French…

No market forces for the Renminbi – Arthur Kroeber

While the US administration is falling short of calling China a “currency manipulator”, US fear for the Chinese currency still prevail. In Foreign Policy economic analyst Arthur Kroeber argues why its financial authorities do not trust the markets to set its rates.

Why cutting income tax does not mean much – Arthur Kroeber

China intend to cut income tax for 60 million people, and our economic analyst Arthur Kroeber finds himself – yet again – trying to explain to Western media, why this impressive looking move actually does not mean that much.

Most-sought speakers July 2011

A wide range of new speakers has entered this month’s top-10 most-sought speakers of the China Speakers Bureau. While the top positions are still held by Shaun Rein and Kaiser Kuo, we see Mark Obama Ndesandjo as the highest newcomer on place 3. But he is not the only one of the new speakers who enters the top-10: Benjamin Joffe arrived at no.6 and – a relative newcomer – Tricia Wang at no.10.

Lack of efficiency does not hurt economic growth – Arthur Kroeber

Real estate, pollution, corruption and other features might make China’s economic development inefficient, but those inefficiencies will not hurt core economic growth at this stage, tells economic analyst Arthur Kroeber to Reuters.

Growth, not efficiency fuels economy – Arthur Kroeber

Even premier Wen Jiabao calls China’s economy unstable, unbalanced, uncoordinated and ultimately unsustainable, writes Reuters. But despite those misgivings, economic growth will steam ahead, adds economic analyst Arthur Kroeber.

No room for high-risk innovation – Arthur Kroeber

Is China becoming an innovative force? Arthur Kroeber belongs to the bears in this debate, he tells Reuters, as the academic climate in the country is too much constrained. Not only lack of intellectual property protection and a failing educational system holds innovation back.

Inflation undermines consumer confidence – Arthur Kroeber

Arthur Kroeber by Fantake via Flickr China’s government is placing its bets on increasing domestic spending by consumers, tells Arther Kroeber in The Guardian. But the inflation seems to be…