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New banking policy no reason to worry – Arthur Kroeber

The sudden loosing of the tight banking rules for lending came as a surprise, but economic analyst Arthur Kroeber sees no reason for panic about China’s economy. In the Guardian he gives a historical perspective.

The US play a Renminbi blame game – Arthur Kroeber

The United States are using China’s currency, the Renminbi, as a scapegoat to hide its economic problems are created by themselves, argues economic analyst Arthur Kroeber in The New York Times. China is using its currency as a development tool, as so many countries did in the past.

No economic crash anytime soon – Arthur Kroeber

While the bears are out in full force again on China and the global economy, economic analyst Arthur Kroeber is not expecting an economic crash in China anytime soon, he tells The Guardian.

China needs to import food – Arthur Kroeber

Diminishing water resources might force China to import large amounts of grain in the future, tells economic analyst Arthur Kroeber in Business Week. Although it might first groom domestic players like Cofco, before facing competitors like Cargill on a global market place.

Rising wages in China do not create jobs in the US – Arthur Kroeber

Will rising wages in China force manufacturers to go back to the US? A report of the Boston Consulting group suggest so, but economic analyst Arthur Kroeber tells in Euro Money that might be a wrong assumption.

Two different ways to look at a currency – Arthur Kroeber

The US and China are at loggerheads again over the way China deals with its currency. It does not help both China and the US have two fundamental different ways to look at their currency, says economic analyst Arthur Kroeber, quoted by the Japan Times.

Most popular stories in September 2011

Today, our first selection of most-popular stories of the past month, September 2011. Do check here what others have been reading.

China’s right to undervalue its exchange rate – Arthur Kroeber

China is manipulating its currency to boost its export, US criticasters say. China sees an undervalued exchange rate as the right of a developing country, just like other did in the past, argues economic analyst Arthur Kroeber in the Voice of America.

China: expected to continue economic growth – Arthur Kroeber

Europe and the US might be bracing for another economic hit, but economic analyst Arthur Kroeber explains in The Financial Times why he expects China to continue growing – in stead of crashing like others predict.

Most sought-after China speakers September 2011

Big changes on our monthly list of most-sought speakers for September, compared to August 2011. A few speakers saw their position rise firmly, and four re-entered our top-10. Paul French…