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Why the devaluation of the yuan is a good idea – Arthur Kroeber

Many analysts tumbled over each other to dismiss China´s record devaluation of its currency. But financial analyst Arthur Kroeber disagrees, and says it is a necessary move to financial reforms in the middle and long term, CityWire writes.

Stock markets will not drag the economy down – Arthur Kroeber

Heated arguments still rage on the effect of the recent downturn of China´s stock markets. And while the government dealt badly with the financial markets, the effect on China´s economy will be limited, writes economist Arthur Kroeber in ChinaFile.

One China, three worries – Arthur Kroeber

Economist Arthur Kroeber spells out three worries for China in the Business Standard. The stock market, short-term growth and long-term growth and reform. Here is his first worry. Damage to the economy seems limited.

What has happened to the market forces? – Arthur Kroeber

Two years ago, China promised market forces will enter the financial arena. But is has been a mixed message from the start, and after the government tried to save a dropping stock market, financial analyst Arthur Kroeber looks for the Brookings Institute at what has happened.

What does the government wants at the stock markets – Arthur Kroeber

A sky-high rally, a scary fall and unprecedented government action to stop that fall. Is the government for the first time losing its dominance to market forces, as some suggested? Financial analyst Arthur Kroeber does not think so, he tells Globe and Mail.

No deficit in confidence in China – Arthur Kroeber

China might be facing many problems, a crisis of confidence is certainly not one of them. Economist Arthur Kroeber, acknowledged bull on China, tells The Age the Party is much more powerful than any domestic enemies.

Why China is not cracking up – Arthur Kroeber

An opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal by David Shambaugh on March 7 claims the Communist Party is falling apart. Economist Arthur Kroeber explains in ChinaFile why he is wrong. The next episode in a longstanding “China-is-collapsing” tradition.

Brazil cannot survive on China´s ore demand – Arthur Kroeber

Brazil depends to a large degree on China´s demand for its ore. But that dependence is dangerous, economist Arthur Kroeber told a conference in the country. Demand will be high for the next five years, but then drop sharply, and cause trouble if Brazil has not diversified its economy.

Governance, not economics, prevails in Xi´s policy – Arthur Kroeber

The reforms of president Xi Jinping are gathering steam, writes political analyst Arthur Kroeber for the Brookings Institute. Xi´s struggle goes beyond just consolidating power, and is more about governance than economics, he argues.

The collateral damage of communist rule – Ian Johnson

Economist Arthur Kroeber argued last week that China´s leadership accepts that its authoritarian strength triggers off collateral damage: it will never become a leader in technology or soft power, including censorship. Journalist Ian Johnson disagrees in the ChinaFile, the people might not accept that trade-off.