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Brazil cannot survive on China´s ore demand – Arthur Kroeber

Brazil depends to a large degree on China´s demand for its ore. But that dependence is dangerous, economist Arthur Kroeber told a conference in the country. Demand will be high for the next five years, but then drop sharply, and cause trouble if Brazil has not diversified its economy.

Governance, not economics, prevails in Xi´s policy – Arthur Kroeber

The reforms of president Xi Jinping are gathering steam, writes political analyst Arthur Kroeber for the Brookings Institute. Xi´s struggle goes beyond just consolidating power, and is more about governance than economics, he argues.

The collateral damage of communist rule – Ian Johnson

Economist Arthur Kroeber argued last week that China´s leadership accepts that its authoritarian strength triggers off collateral damage: it will never become a leader in technology or soft power, including censorship. Journalist Ian Johnson disagrees in the ChinaFile, the people might not accept that trade-off.

Xi Jinping is turning a page, whether you like it or not – Arthur Kroeber

Much has been written about China´s slowing economic growth, its new outspoken foreign policy and general assertiveness. Xi Jinping´s project is on track, writes analyst Arthur Kroeber in the Huffington Post, and we better get used to it.

What will drive growth after real estate? – Arthur Kroeber

Housing is still a key factor in China´s economy, but is no longer the main driver. Economist Arthur Kroeber looks in FNArena at what can replace real estate, and what the decline means for economic growth.

How Hong Kong lost its importance for Beijing – Arthur Kroeber

When the recent spat between Hong Kong and the central government on how the island state should elect its leaders has proven anything, it is that Hong Kong lost the importance it used to have, says economic analyst Arthur Kroeber in Gulf News.

Changed rules for the Renminbi – Arthur Kroeber

The way the central government is ruling its currency, the Renminbi, has changed profoundly over the past months. Economist Arthur Kroeber argues in the Brookings Institute that the rules for the currency have changed profoundly.

China getting big is just a matter of time – Arthur Kroeber

China has strongly resisted a claim by the World Bank that is had surpassed the economy of the US in PPP terms. Just a matter of time, says economist Arthur Kroeber. China will have to accept it will be the largest, he says in Radio Free Asia.

Pushing back financial repression – Arthur Kroeber

China has promised wide-ranging financial reforms, moving from repression to the market. That is a much-needed change tells economist Arthur Kroeber in the Institutional Investor, to allow household to use their earnings in a more sensible way.

More is needed to reform state-owned companies – Arthur Kroeber

President Xi Jinping´s economic reform seem to include also the powerful state-owned companies, by allowing private investors to invest in the SOE. But much more is need to call it real reforms, tells economist Arthur Kroeber to Reuters.