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Central bank is safe for another year : Arthur Kroeber

How deep are the pockets of the People´s Bank of China (PBOC) to keep on funding its financial system? According to economist Arthur Kroeber they are safe for another year, and can use the time to clean up the current mess. Learning how to communicate with the markets is one talent that needs urgent development, he tells Bloomberg.

Economy: going from bad to worse – Arthur Kroeber

Economist Arthur Kroeber might have been an acknowledged bull on China´s economy in the past, now, for 2016 he expects things to turn worse than they are already, as the heavy industry is expected to shed 7 million jobs, he tells at NPR.

Should we worry about China´s economy? – Arthur Kroeber

The ups and especially downs of China´s economy keeps on shocking the rest of the world. What can we expect, economist Arthur Kroeber asks for the Brookings Institute. Did the international markets overreact? In China more commitment to reform is needed.

China´s economy lacks direction – Arthur Kroeber

China´s economy might not be in acute trouble, she is certainly lacking directing, says economist Arthur Kroeber in the Irish Times ” China is unlikely to collapse, but it does risk losing its way.”

More debt, unemployed in 2016 – Arthur Kroeber

Economist Arthur Kroeber, previously an acknowledged bull on China, turns even bearish when he looks at the prospects for 2016. In Market Place he predicts “A turning point for the worse”.

China leadership lacks interest in economic reform – Arthur Kroeber

Relentlessness mayhem in China´s financial markets and its impact on the global economy is not having enough interest of China´s leadership, economist Arthur Kroeber tells Reuters. Their interest is too much focused on domestic affairs.

Lessons not learned by China – Arthur Kroeber

Twice last week China´s stock markets were forced to stop trading, sending panic signals across the globe. That drove even economist Arthur Kroeber to despair, writes the Washington Post. China´s financial authorities did not learn their lessons from last year´s disaster, he writes.

Retreating government causes stocks to drop – Arthur Kroeber

China´s stocks caused a rough opening of 2016 as they dropped dramatically. Economist Arthur Kroeber expects the volatility to continue for a few months, as the government is slowly withdrawing its support, moving awaya from artificially higher values, he tells Globe&Mail.

Xi: power over reforms – Arthur Kroeber

After Ian Johnson, also economist Arthur Kroeber believes that president Xi Jinping is no longer seeing reforms as key for his tenure. Sticking to power is the key objective, he tells CSMonitor.

Is competition on the reform agenda? – Arthur Kroeber

eform, and especially financial reform is slowly taking off in China. But the main questions is, writes political analyst Arthur Kroeber in ChinaFile, whether the government will allow fundamental changes in its economy, including competition.