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More debt, unemployed in 2016 – Arthur Kroeber

Economist Arthur Kroeber, previously an acknowledged bull on China, turns even bearish when he looks at the prospects for 2016. In Market Place he predicts “A turning point for the worse”.

China leadership lacks interest in economic reform – Arthur Kroeber

Relentlessness mayhem in China´s financial markets and its impact on the global economy is not having enough interest of China´s leadership, economist Arthur Kroeber tells Reuters. Their interest is too much focused on domestic affairs.

Lessons not learned by China – Arthur Kroeber

Twice last week China´s stock markets were forced to stop trading, sending panic signals across the globe. That drove even economist Arthur Kroeber to despair, writes the Washington Post. China´s financial authorities did not learn their lessons from last year´s disaster, he writes.

Retreating government causes stocks to drop – Arthur Kroeber

China´s stocks caused a rough opening of 2016 as they dropped dramatically. Economist Arthur Kroeber expects the volatility to continue for a few months, as the government is slowly withdrawing its support, moving awaya from artificially higher values, he tells Globe&Mail.

Xi: power over reforms – Arthur Kroeber

After Ian Johnson, also economist Arthur Kroeber believes that president Xi Jinping is no longer seeing reforms as key for his tenure. Sticking to power is the key objective, he tells CSMonitor.

Is competition on the reform agenda? – Arthur Kroeber

eform, and especially financial reform is slowly taking off in China. But the main questions is, writes political analyst Arthur Kroeber in ChinaFile, whether the government will allow fundamental changes in its economy, including competition.

5-year plan: no show of strength – Arthur Kroeber

Details about the new 5-year plan start to emerge. But political analyst Arthur Kroeber does not see a strongman Xi Jinping pushing ahead with reforms, rather the contrary, he tells Bloomberg. The inability to abandon population control all together showsthat, he says.

Why China´s economy is hard to measure – Arthur Kroeber

You take the same economic data on China´s economy, and some economists sees doom and gloom, and others hope and glory. We are actually looking at the wrong data, says economist Arthur Kroeber, and the right ones are not available, he tells CNBC.

TPP will not stop China – Arthur Kroeber

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the largest trade accord in history is a big deal, agrees economist Arthur Kroeber in a discussion at ChinaFile. But he does not this TPP will help as a tool to stem China´s influence in the region, one of its targets.

Success financial transition still unclear – Arthur Kroeber

The badly handled crisis at the stock markets and the unfortunate devaluation of China´s currency are still casting shadows on the country´s financial future, says economist Arthur Kroeber at CNBC. At this stage it is very unclear whether the central government has the capability to handle needed financial reforms.