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5-year plan: no show of strength – Arthur Kroeber

Details about the new 5-year plan start to emerge. But political analyst Arthur Kroeber does not see a strongman Xi Jinping pushing ahead with reforms, rather the contrary, he tells Bloomberg. The inability to abandon population control all together showsthat, he says.

Why China´s economy is hard to measure – Arthur Kroeber

You take the same economic data on China´s economy, and some economists sees doom and gloom, and others hope and glory. We are actually looking at the wrong data, says economist Arthur Kroeber, and the right ones are not available, he tells CNBC.

TPP will not stop China – Arthur Kroeber

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the largest trade accord in history is a big deal, agrees economist Arthur Kroeber in a discussion at ChinaFile. But he does not this TPP will help as a tool to stem China´s influence in the region, one of its targets.

Success financial transition still unclear – Arthur Kroeber

The badly handled crisis at the stock markets and the unfortunate devaluation of China´s currency are still casting shadows on the country´s financial future, says economist Arthur Kroeber at CNBC. At this stage it is very unclear whether the central government has the capability to handle needed financial reforms.

For Xi, power counts more than market – Arthur Kroeber

While at the beginning of his tenure, market forces popped up regularly in the official parlance, by now it is clear that centralized power is key for president Xi Jinping, with markets at a second place at best, says economist Arthur Kroeber in the New York Times.

China´s troublesome transition into a new economy – Arthur Kroeber

While the word ´recession´ is seldom used in China, many industries and region are facing rough times, now the country´s economy is in the middle of a transition into a new economy, tells economist Arthur Kroeber at NPR.

For Xi Jinping, the markets are only secondary – Arthur Kroeber

One of the reasons financial markets went out of control, is because president Xi Jinping is mostly focused on politics and geopolitical ambitions, says political analyst Arthur Kroeber in the Washington Post.

How the government messed up financial markets – Arthur Kroeber

The government has really messed up almost anything they did on the financial markets, says financial analyst Arthur Kroeber on NPR. Internal divisions between different factions did not help to make sound financial decisions.

There is no good time for a devaluation – Arthur Kroeber

Dust might have settled down on the recent surprise devaluation of the Yuan by the time President Xi Jinping will meet his counterpart in the US, says financial analyst Arthur Kroeber in Bloomberg. Relations with the IMF have been defining the moment for this long-expected move.

Yuan devaluation is not a currency war – Arthur Kroeber

US media have been up in arms after China started to devaluate its Yuan, accusing it of starting a currency war with the US dollar. Nonsense, argues economic expert Arthur Kroeber in the Business Standard. China has long been blamed for manipulating its currency, a practice it is going the abolish, although it might not make everybody happy in the short run.