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The Uber, Kuaidi fight might last much longer – Andy Mok

The taxi-hailing service Uber is fighting a multi-billion dollar fight with competitor Kuaidi. And despite the huge losses, it does not look like Uber is going to throw in the towel, says business analyst Andy Mok to ABC News.

Switzerland, China cooperate on innovation – Andy Mok

The Sino Swiss Economic Forum convened this week in Beijing, and celebrated the cooperation between both countries on innovation. Innovation expert and entrepreneur Andy Mok attended the meeting and gives at LinkedIn an overview.

Andy Mok joins China Speakers Bureau

Managing director of Red Pagoda Resources in Beijing Andy Mok has joined the China Speakers Bureau. Andy earned his stripes in both Hong Kong and China as an entrepreneur in private equity and public policy.

Mok, Andy

Andy Mok is a senior fellow at the Center for China and Globalization, the managing director of Red Pagoda Resources, a Beijing-based executive search firm. Travels from Beijing