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One-Belt, One-Road changes China´s position in the world – Andy Mok

The aspirations of president Xi Jinping to expand into the world with his One-Belt, One-Road (OBOR) initiative can only be compared with president John F. Kennedy´s plan to put a man on the moon, tells VC Andy Mok. His grand and ambitious goal includes 70% of the world´s economy and turns China´s focus on the US to Europe, Russia and Iran.

How China is changing the world – Andy Mok

The world has been eagerly hoping to see how China would adjust to the Western world. What they did not realize, says Andy Mok, managing director at Red Pagoda Resources in Beijing in Newsmax. What the world did not see was how much China started to change the world.

Uber is not down after the China deal – Andy Mok

Uber threw in the towel at the killing ride-hailing wars in China, but that does not mean Uber is out, especially on a global level, says Andy Mok, managing Director at Red Pagoda Resources, especially on a global level, he tells Bloomberg. “They want to be the Cisco of the physical world.”

China startups: tougher to get capital – Andy Mok

Getting funding has just gotten a bit harder for China´s booming startup scene, says VC Andy Mok in Bloomberg. “There’s a greater emphasis on revenue and profitability among startups that they are focusing much more on top line and cost control.”

How Baidu is revolutionizing take-out delivery – Andy Mok

Baidu, one of China´s giant internet companies, is making big inroads into the take-out delivery market for white collar workers, writes startup investor Andy Mok at LinkedIn. “Baidu Takeout Delivery has an estimated market share of almost 80% in Tier 1 cities.”

Andy Mok to visit Paris in August

Business consultant and One Belt, One Road (OBOR) expert Andy Mok will be visiting Paris in the last weeks of August. Are you interested in having him as a speaker to explore the latest developments or China´s outbound investment? Do get in touch or fill in our speakers´request form.

Why WeChat might outrun Facebook – Andy Mok

Can a Mark Zuckerberg emerge from Asia, wondered VC veteran William Bao Bean this weekend. If so, his name is probably Tencent´s Allen Zhang, writes investor Andy Mok today in LinkedIn. Despite a stellar performance by Facebook, he puts his bets on WeChat.

China, Iran trade: beyond oil and gas – Andy Mok

China and Iran are preparing for mutual trade of about 600 billion US$, tells Beijing entrepreneur Andy Mok to Iranian TV station TV-Press. But the recently reopened trade offers much more than the usual suspects, oil and gas.

The two faces of China´s economy – Andy Mok

China is a country of two economic speeds, writes business analyst Andy Mok at LinkedIn. While parts of the economy is doing bad, especially the new economy is booming like never before. “The new economy is firing on all cylinders.”

Why Uber is going to win in China – Andy Mok

The bloody competition of taxi-hailing apps can be won by Uber, argues business analyst Andy Mok on this page in LinkedIn. While many foreign tech firms have lost their struggle to enter the China market, Andy Mok sees five reasons why Uber might actually win this war. Here is two of them.