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Unprecedented online chatter on Bo Xilai – Jeremy Goldkorn

The recent dismissal of Chongqing party secretary Bo Xilai triggered off a lot of comments on China’s microblogs. Even veteran internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn has to admit in the Wall Street Journal he was amazed, this time.

Will ‘real name’ policy threaten online discourse? – Tricia Wang

China’s internet users baptized the National People’s Congress as the “Beijing Fashion Week”, as a barely veiled excuse to deliver sarcastic comments, writes sociologist Tricia Wang (with co-author An Xiao Mina) in Wired. But that might be over when the ‘real name’ policy kicks in this week.

New rules won’t kill weibo – Jeremy Goldkorn

China’s authorities try to curtail the internet and especially try to implement a ‘real-name’ policy for online debate. But internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn does not see the end of the internet in China as we know it, he tells in the Voice of America.

Why Weibo is cuter than Twitter – Tricia Wang

All too often Sina’s microblog service Weibo is described as a kloon of Twitter. Sociologist Tricia Wang in Wuhan has been using Weibo for a few months and starts to report on her weblog about the differences of the two. About fun, love and entertainment.

Why Weibo will surpass Twitter – Marc van der Chijs

Marc van der Chijs China’s twitter eauquivalent Sina’s Weibo might very soon pass Twitter in popularity, writes co-founderĀ  Marc van der Chijs on his weblog, although the rest of…

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