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China’s unique social media landscape – Sam Flemming

A common mistake outside observers make is taking their own social media experience, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, as the reference point for what is happening in China. Wrong, tells CIC-president Sam Flemming in China Innovation. China has a unique social media landscape.

A successful Leninist strategy for the internet – Jeremy Goldkorn

The cat and mouse game between China’s internet users and its government is well documented. But who is winning the struggle is less clear. According to internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn the government has won, he explains in GlobalPost.

Business as usual after Beijing flooding – Jeremy Goldkorn

The Beijing mayor and a vice-mayor lost their jobs, Weibo is rife with rumors about a high number of causalities, but – unlike what some US newspapers suggest – the city does not face a confidence crisis, explains Beijing watcher Jeremy Goldkorn on his weblog.

Blocking US consulate’s weibo account “no technical glitch” – Jeremy Goldkorn

When earlier in the week the Sina Weibo account of the US consulate in Shanghai was blocked, theories varied. Was it a mistake by Sina? Was it a political provocation by the Chinese authorities? It was certainly not technical glitch, says internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn in VOA.

Weibo: Twitter on crack – Tricia Wang

Twitter should have a thorough look at their Chinese Weibo competitors, says tech ethnographer Tricia Wang in an interview with FastCompany. Being picture-based is just one lesson they can learn, she argues.

What do Chinese internet users really want – Sam Flemming

They do not care about the censorship and are not longing for Twitter or Facebook. Group buying has been invented in China, and crowd sources is old news for them. Internet guru Sam Flemming takes on a few misconceptions about China’s internet users in the Pandodaily.

A more subtle management of internet censorship – Jeremy Goldkorn

While the government is still firm in control, the online debate in China has become more outspoken, and the authorities rather try to manage the information flow, rather than shut it up, tells internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn in the Global Post.

Internet firms serve two masters, the government and the consumer – Kaiser Kuo

The online debate before and after the dismissal of Bo Xilai, has put Chinese internet companies firmly in the limelight. Baidu’s director international communication Kaiser Kuo explains how they deal with their customers and a often opaque internet law in the Voice of America and The World.

The government balancing act on the Internet – Jeremy Goldkorn

It took China’s internet censors weeks to crack down on the internet after the rumors surrounding the now disposed leader Bo Xilai started to make their rounds. But that should not be seen as a trend towards liberalization, tells internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn Bloomberg.

China’s internet “freer than ever” – Jeremy Goldkorn

The internet in China might face yet another clampdown by the authorities, internet veteran Jeremy Goldkorn points out in USA Today that despite those actions, China’s internet is freer than ever, although microblog services of Tencent and Sina had to hold commenting temporary.