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Rising wages in China do not create jobs in the US – Arthur Kroeber

Will rising wages in China force manufacturers to go back to the US? A report of the Boston Consulting group suggest so, but economic analyst Arthur Kroeber tells in Euro Money that might be a wrong assumption.

The debate: The End of Cheap China – Shaun Rein

The End of Cheap China: Economic and Cultural Trends that will Disrupt the World is the title of Shaun Rein’s book, expected in March 2012. But the debate on the book has already started, at his linkedIn Group, The End of Cheap China.

Jobs in China? Not that easy – Shaun Rein

Shanghai-based business executive Shaun Rein gets many requests from people in the US, who are desperately looking for jobs in China. But a booming economy does not mean that jobs are easily available for foreigners coming to China, he tells in CNBC.

Government should limit salaries SOE-execs – Zhang Juwei

hinese executives of state-owned giants are following their Western counterparts in the salaries they claim from their companies. Wrong, says Zhang Juwei, director at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in the China Daily. The government should limit their salaries.

On phantom facts and China bears – Shaun Rein

The China bears should get their facts straight, writes business analyst Shaun Rein in CNBC. He takes aim at economist Nouriel Roubini and MIT professor Huang Yasheng.

China’s leadership: caught between inflation and deflation – Paul Denlinger

Cooling down inflation, stiff rising wages: China’s leadership has a hard time to steer between two evils, writes business analyst Paul Denlinger in Forbes. Things do not look well for the new leaders in 2012.

China relaxes procurement rules on innovation – Shaun Rein

China’s regulators have been scrapping preferential treatment of local firm to win procurement contracts from the government, originally meant to strengthen indigenous innovation. “It is a sign the government is listening to the needs of foreign companies,” says Shaun Rein in the China Daily.

Social unrest in China, mostly an Asian affair? – Bill Dodson

Bill Dodson has been writing extensively about social unrest in China and what it means for foreign companies. In his weblog he focuses on the fact that most strikes have been at factories owned by Japanese, Taiwanese and some Hongkongnese. Some observations.

Living as a migrant worker “Are we too dirty?” – Tricia Wang

Sociologist Tricia Wang is trying to blend in as a migrant working in Wuhan and reports on her weblog about her experiences. “Are we too dirty for your eyes?”

Roubini’s phantom facts on China – Shaun Rein

Famous economist Nouriel Roubini took a fast train from Shanghai to Hangzhou and saw it was almost empty. Shaun Rein explains him in Forbes why one train ride is not enough to predict a bubble in China that will pop in 2013.