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China starts industrial production UAV’s – Wendell Minnick

Near Beijing China will set up a major commercial production hub for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), defense analyst Wendell Minnick reports in Defense News.

Taiwan turns to indigenous weapon systems – Wendell Minnick

Presidents Obama’s refusal to permit the sales of F-16’s and possibly other arms deals to Taiwan, has caused a renewed focus of the island on indigenous weapons, defense specialist Wendell Minnick writes in Defense News. R&D focuses on some rather exotic systems.

Military pondering combat plane for space – Wendell Minnick

Not only for space via Wikipedia A supersonic combat aircraft is next on the wishlist of China’s aviation industry, defense specialist Wendell Minnick writes in Defense News. China is looking…

Preparing for UAV reconnaissance and strike missions – Wendell Minnick

  Image via Wikipedia Defense expert Wendell Minnick further explores China’s efforts to expand its UAVĀ reconnaissance and strike capabilitiesm. He looks back at the Zhuhai Air Show in Defense News…

UAV’s displayed at Zhuhai air show – Wendell Minnick

Image via Wikipedia Chinese companies have displayed 25 different models of UAV, unmanned airplanes, at the Zhuhai air show, stressing it technological development, writes defense expert Wendell Minnick in Defense…