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Globalization 3.0: One Belt, One Road – Sara Hsu

Globalization 3.0 calls financial analyst Sara Hsu China´s ambitious ambitious expansion program One Belt, One Road, in TripleCrisis. Backed by over a trillion US dollar in funding, the program covers 900 projects in 60 countries. Globalization 3.0 is here to stay, says Sara Hsu.

Offshore RMB bonds to expand – Sara Hsu

China´s central government is pushing offshore RMB bonds as a tool to support Chinese firms to go abroad. Financial analyst Sara Hsu looks at the current state of offshore RMB bonds, and expects a massive expansion, she writes in the Diplomat.

Christmas: solid part of China´s spending season – Sara Hsu

China´s spending spree starts at Single´s Day, and ends with Spring festival, but even Christmas has gained support among the consumers, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat, although it a a indigenous Christian celebration.

China-US relationship: fast improving – Tom Doctoroff

Despite some rhetoric pointing in a different direction, Shanghai-based Asia-Pacific CEO of J.Walter Thompson Tom Doctoroff sees fast improvement in the always difficult relationship between both world powers, he tells Yahoo Finance.

Controlling misinvoicing: a possible solution – Sara Hsu

China´s financial authorities have a hard job in controlling the flows of hot capital in and out the country. Often misinvoicing is a way to mask those money flows. Financial expert Sara Hsu offers in the Diplomat a way to track this long-standing tradition of misinvoicing.

Sergio Marchi joins Pace Global Advantage

The Honourable Sergio Marchi joins at the end of 2011 the Pace Global Advantage advisory. He retired as senior fellow at the think tank ICTSD in Geneva.

Rising wages in China do not create jobs in the US – Arthur Kroeber

Will rising wages in China force manufacturers to go back to the US? A report of the Boston Consulting group suggest so, but economic analyst Arthur Kroeber tells in Euro Money that might be a wrong assumption.

Next: the US China trade war – Shaun Rein

US Congress intends to pass a currency bill, potentially triggering off a trade war with China by imposing tariffs on trade, notes business analyst Shaun Rein with increasing amazement in CNBC.