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How shadow banking fired up China´s stock markets – Sara Hsu

Shadow banking seemed for a short while on the decline, but the industry is back in force, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat. The recent rally of China´s stock markets was caused by shadow banking.

Now China needs an audit regulator – Paul Gillis

The Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) will in 2015 drastically change the way how IPO´s take place in China. The government will step back, leaving decision making to the market. To facilitate that change, China needs an audit regulator, writes accounting professor Paul Gillis at his weblog.

China´s richest in 2014: Jack Ma or Wang Jianlin – Rupert Hoogewerf

For a short while Alibaba´s chairman Jack Ma looked like he was heading for the position of richest person in China in 2014. But at the end of the year, Wanda chairman Wang Lianlin is contesting that position, as he brings two firms to the Hong Kong stock exchange, tells China Rich List founder Rupert Hoogewerf to WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu.

Is the Hong Kong-Shanghai Connect a ghost train? – Sara Hsu

While it is too early to judge on the success or failure of the Hong Kong-Shanghai Connect between both stock exchanges, financial analyst Sara Hsu says the first signs are not living up to the initial hype, in The Diplomat. It is an important first step, she writes.

Hong Kong-Shanghai connect: a game changer – Wei Gu

With less than a week notice, a connection between Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges will give international investors access to Chinese shares. A game-changer, says Mark Austen of the Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association in a talk with WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu.

Hong Kong needs to strengthen its accounting rules – Paul Gillis

Fishy listings from Chinese firms have become a problem for the Hong Kong stock exchange. Hong Kong needs to strengthen its rules to get their act together, says accounting professor Paul Gillis at Its new 2012 rules might not be enough. Chinese companies have to be forced to tell the whole story.

Why Tianhe got beaten for the wrong reasons – Paul Gillis

Accounting professor Paul Gillis has a look at research group Analysts Anonymous (AA), who attacked in September the Hong Kong listed Tianhe Chemicals Group Ltd. for allegedly fraudulent cash flow statements. On his weblog Gillis explains why AA might be wrong.

Funding from Europe: mixed results for Chinese firms – Sara Hsu

Chinese firms going abroad might be high on political and economic agenda´s, but their performances on European stock markets has been bad, with the exception perhaps of London, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu at the Diplomat. A short overview.

Why Alibaba is not yet a global player – Shaun Rein

Despite its close to US$22 billion IPO at the New York Stock Exchange today, business analyst Shaun Rein does not see in Alibaba a real global company. “Its model is not scalable in other large market like the US and Indonesia”, he says at has much work to do at home, especially on mobile where it is lagging.

Play rules for foreign investors at China exchanges – Wei Gu

Foreign investors are getting slowly a bit of access to stock markets in China. WSJ wealth editor Wei Gu discusses pitfalls with Alan Wang of Value Partners. They should stick to the big names, and not follow the domestic hypes, they conclude.