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For Xi Jinping, the markets are only secondary – Arthur Kroeber

One of the reasons financial markets went out of control, is because president Xi Jinping is mostly focused on politics and geopolitical ambitions, says political analyst Arthur Kroeber in the Washington Post.

How Xi Jinping let financial regulators run out of control – Victor Shih

The central government wrongly used the upswing in stock markets as a proxy for real reforms, says associate professor Victor Shih in the Washington Post. Until those shares came down and created mayhem in China and globally. “”In dictatorships, when things are going well, nobody wants to end the party.”

How the government messed up financial markets – Arthur Kroeber

The government has really messed up almost anything they did on the financial markets, says financial analyst Arthur Kroeber on NPR. Internal divisions between different factions did not help to make sound financial decisions.

All is well, apart from the stock markets – Shaun Rein

China´s central bank decided on Tuesday evening to step in with a few minor measures. Too little, too late to have any effect on the stock markets, tells business analyst Shaun Rein in Money Control. But since the real economy is doing pretty well, he sees little reason for real worry.

Time to take insider trading serious – Sara Hsu

The China Security Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has, again, announced it will act harshly in the case of insider trading. Rightfully so, writes financial analyst Sara Hsu in the Diplomat. But it is not enough.

Some misunderstandings at China´s financial markets – Shaun Rein

Panic and fear rule China´s stock markets, says business analyst Shaun Rein at Money Control, but it is mainly small retailers who rule the current market, others have safely left. And for the Yuan: that was already overvalued for a long time, he says.

Stock markets will not drag the economy down – Arthur Kroeber

Heated arguments still rage on the effect of the recent downturn of China´s stock markets. And while the government dealt badly with the financial markets, the effect on China´s economy will be limited, writes economist Arthur Kroeber in ChinaFile.

One China, three worries – Arthur Kroeber

Economist Arthur Kroeber spells out three worries for China in the Business Standard. The stock market, short-term growth and long-term growth and reform. Here is his first worry. Damage to the economy seems limited.

Expected: crackdown on smaller CPA firms – Paul Gillis

New rules apply to foreign CPA firms in China since July 1, and will rely on the cooperation of China´s regulators. The big four might not have much trouble, writes accounting professor Paul Gillis at his website. But the smaller foreign CPA firms might be heading for a hard time.

What has happened to the market forces? – Arthur Kroeber

Two years ago, China promised market forces will enter the financial arena. But is has been a mixed message from the start, and after the government tried to save a dropping stock market, financial analyst Arthur Kroeber looks for the Brookings Institute at what has happened.