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Chinese bid for Chicago exchange bumps into roadblocks – Shaun Rein

A Chinese bid for the Chicago Stock Exchange is running into major roadblocks, both in China and the US. The bidder the private Chinese company Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group might have waited too long, says business analyst Shaun Rein in the South China Morning Post. Both in China and the US barriers seem too high to close the deal.

Hong Kong proves selfregulating financial industry does not work – Paul Gillis

A turf war between the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx) over who should regulate new listings in Hong Kong proves selfregulating of the financial industry does not work, writes accounting professor Paul Gillis on his website.

China and US regulators move on US-listed Chinese firms – Paul Gillis

Both Baidu and Alibaba might be the first US-listed Chinese companies whose books are going to be checked buy the US regulator PCAOB, after a decade-long stale-mate where China refused such controls, citing state security. Accounting professor Paul Gillis is carefully optimistic, he tells the Wall Street Journal, but warns it is not yet a done deal.

Investors concerned about Alibaba´s opaque accounting – Shaun Rein

The US Securities and Exchange Commission voices concerns about Alibaba´s sprawling business empire, and the way its accounting is organized. But also investors are concerned, tells business analyst Shaun Rein in the Financial Times.

Alibaba is not in real trouble with US stock regulator – Paul Gillis

Alibaba´s shares fell when it disclosed the US stock regulator has asked some questions about its accounting practices, especially the relations with its logistical partner Cainiao Network. But, says accounting professor Paul Gillis to Bloomberg, there is no reason to expect real problems.

What investors have to know about China – Arthur Kroeber

Investors have a hard time in figuring out what is happening in China. There are a few basics, says economist Arthur Kroeber, where they often get it wrong, he tells Benefits Canada, and he tries to address them.

New audit standards for Chinese companies listed in the US – Paul Gillis

The tug of war between China and the US on auditing Chinese companies listed in the US, got a strong pull from the US side, as the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board proposed new standards. Potentially a huge improvement writes accounting professor Paul Gillis at his weblog.

Shake-up at financial regulator does not mean change – Victor Shih

The surprise dismissal of China´s financial regulator Xiao Gang does not mean that its policies and approach are really going to change, says political analyst Victor Shih in the New York Times. His successor Liu Shiyu is certainly no bold reformer, says professor Shih.

Chicago Stock Exchange, a substandard avenue to capital? – Paul Gillis

The sale of the 134-year old Chicago Stock Exchange to a consortium of Chinese companies led by Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group might just a way to capital for companies who cannot meet the standards of the NYSE and Nasdaq, warns accounting professor Paul Gillis on his weblog.

US auditing regulator censors first China firm – Paul Gillis

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) has censured PKF Hong Kong and revoked its registration, banning it from auditing US firms, writes accounting professor Paul Gillis on his website. This is a next step in efforts to get Chinese accounting firms into line with US regulations, and forcing to give insight in the books of US-listed Chinese firms.