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Progress for women, Li Yinhe and Ian Johnson

Journalist Ian Johnson interviewed sexologist Li Yinhe for the New York Review of Books on her work on same-sex marriages, the Party, SM, orgies and the position of women in China. Li Yinhe believes the position of women has greatly improved since 1949.

Why Chinese class rooms avoid sex education – Zhang Lijia

Today sex education is firmly on the curriculum of school, unlike when author Zhang Lijia grew up. Important, because with knowledge the kids become vulnerable in society. But it does not mean sex education is wholeheartedly embraced, fears Zhang Lijia in CNN.

Chinese women discovered adultery, and it is big – James Farrer

Adultery has traditionally been a male thing. But in China – as the socialist country claimed their women were equal to men – women have expanded their equality also into adultery, says professor James Farrer, an eminent scholar on China┬┤s sexuality in the Atlantic.

International hotels should stay away from the sex trade – Shaun Rein

Newsnight of the BBC broke the news that international hotels like Kempinsky and Intercontinental are closely liked to the sex trade. Business analyst Shaun Rein warns in the same article about the impact foreign companies can feel, if they do not stay clean in China.

Preparing two books on China prostitution – Zhang Lijia

Celebrity author Zhang Lijia is preparing two books on prostitution in China, one fiction, the other non-fiction. An arduous task, she explains in

Mapping out a city: the sex workers – Tricia Wang

Sociologist Tricia Wang describes on her weblog how she sets up her field work. Through good contacts with taxi drivers she explores the basic features of a city: who is paying where and what for sex?

First sex, a precious gift in China – James Farrer

James Farrer compares the attitude of premaritial sex of Japanese and Chinese youth. Both accept sex in a dating relationship, but in China sex is part of a carefully planned deal making and seen as a highly valuable gift. ChinaShmina summarized the article.

Second wives key for luxury consumption – Tom Doctoroff

Tom Doctoroff by Fantake via Flickr China’s second wives account officially for one third of the country’s luxury consumption, says Tom Doctoroff in the Huffington Post, and elaborates on the…

Sex, porn and their lessons for business – Shaun Rein

Shaun Rein by Fantake via Flickr Shaun Rein uses the lessons business can learn from the mixed messages the government is sending on porn and sex. On the internet it…

Wang, Tricia

Tricia Wang is a sociologist, technology researcher, and ethnographer who studies how people use digital communication technologies in cities. She investigates the impact of digital computing (mobiles and internet) on our social interaction in and with public urban space. She is passionate about demystifying the ways non-elite or edge communities (i.e. migrants, rural villagers, or informal workers) make use of digital tools in everyday life. She travels from New York, USA