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Best Buy ends its China struggle – Ben Cavender

The decision by Best Buy to withdraw from the China market is not a real surprise, and illustrates that successful brands elsewhere cannot assume they can conquer the China market too, says Shanghai-based retail analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily.

Wal-Mart loses in a competitive market – Ben Cavender

Wal-Mart recently fired thirty of its corporate executives in China, and hundreds of others, in an effort to save costs. The US retailer has a hard time to keep up with the gruesome competition, tells retail analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily.

Finally: legal rights for China´s consumers – Mark Schaub

Legal protection for China´s consumers was long overdue, but a revision of the existing laws might change all for the country´s consumers, writes lawyer Mark Schaub in Lexology. All depends now on how those laws are being executed.

Why hypermarkets turn into convenient stores – Ben Cavender

Small is beautiful in retail as hypermarkets lose traction in favor of convenient stores. When you look at the figures, convenient stores make more sense, says retail expert Ben Cavender in the China Daily.

The struggle of food companies to stay clean – Ben Cavender

A large number of retailers and restaurants from 7-Eleven to Starbucks to McDonald´s have cut ties with their meat supplier in Shanghai, as authorities forced to close its operation. Retail analyst Ben Cavender explains in the WSJ what it takes to keep supply chains clean.

Volume counts in rural retail – Ben Cavender

Post Mart, a joint venture by China Post and US-based China Horizon Investments Group, it consolidating its China operation. Lack of volume is one of their key problems among its rural customers, says retail analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily.

One size does not fit all in China anymore – Ben Cavender

China´s consumers are becoming more sophisticated and – unlike the past – they do no want to be seen in the same outfit as their colleagues. It is about customizing, not about showing off, tells business analyst Ben Cavender in CNBC.

China retail still going strong – Paul French

Retail analyst Paul French dismisses worries in the retail industry their business is going downhill in China. Real growth is now taking place outside the larger cities, he tells in Just-Style.

What is going wrong in localization – Ben Cavender Hangout

Localization is the mantra for foreign companies entering China, but many fail. Ben Cavender, senior analyst at the China Market Research Group (CMR) will address some famous cases during a Google+ Hangout on Thursday.

Making money in groceries is tough – Paul French

Supermarkets in China might have taken over the groceries in the US in size, but making money is so much harder, explains retail analyst Paul French in CRI