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China’s ‘soft power’ fails – Jeremy Goldkorn

China is trying to put up a nice face by using ‘soft power’ to get things done globally, but it meets mostly distrust, illustrated by a troubled bid from a Chinese tycoon to buy a part of Iceland. Beijing resident and media watcher Jeremy Goldkorn tells the New York Times why.

Poor health care and education cause rich to emigrate – Shaun Rein

China’s super rich massively try to get foreign passports, but it is not because of fear for government interference, discovered business analyst Shaun Rein in 36 interviews. China’s rich go abroad because of the poor health care and poor education, he writes in CNCB.

Party secretary puts squeeze on Sina Weibo – Jeremy Goldkorn

Public debate has gone wild on China’s internet fora, especially on the twitter-clone Sina Weibo. The party establishment try trying to regain control and the Beijing party secretary paid a visit to the Sina headquarters. Internet observer Jeremy Goldkorn comments in the Wall Street Journal.

China What – the Made-in-China show – Janet Carmosky

Have American jobs been moving to China? In her ‘China What’ show Janet Carmosky shows that only a fraction of the US consumption is actually made in China. Most goes to services, and 80 percent of the rest, is made in the US. Here are the details.

Taiwan’s defense continues to go strong on China threat – Wendell Minnick

Taiwans Ministry of National Defense will continue to deter China’s military treath, as both China and the US get closer on issues like the sales of F-16’s, tells Taiwan’s defense minister Andrew Yang in an interview with our defense expert Wendell Minnick for Defense News.

How the US downgrade affects China’s inflation – Shaun Rein

The world’s major stock markets braced for a black Monday, but also China’s financial policy makers have had a sleepless weekend over the US downgrade by S&P, Shaun Rein writes in the CNBC. They get now very vocal on the financial problems of the US.

No new F-16’s, but possibly upgrade for Taiwan – Wendell Minnick

President Barack Obama has to strike a balance on one lingering problem: is Taiwan getting its new F-16’s or not. Defense expert Wendell Minnick believes Taiwan might get an upgrade, but no new F’16’s, possibly jeopardizing Sino-US relations he tells M&Q.

Party arrogance, worn thin – Bill Dodson

Prime-minister Wen Jiabao claimed an 11-day illness to explain why it took him so long to pay respect to the victims of the Wenzhou train crash. But always vigilant internet users noted Wen a day after the crash on official business, notes author Bill Dodson, who analyzes on his weblog the credibility crisis for the communist party.

Expected: Pakistan autonomous region – Bill Dodson

As Pakistan become more isolated from its Western allies after the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the country is looking increasingly for friendship with its eastern neighbor China, writes Bill Dodson on his weblog. Will the Pakistani wake up was part of an Autonomous Region?

Communism with Chinese characteristics – Helen Wang

Celebrity author Helen Wang explains in the Boston Review how China has dramatically changed, and how even the communist party is becoming a very different creator from what people outside China expect.