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No new F-16’s, but possibly upgrade for Taiwan – Wendell Minnick

President Barack Obama has to strike a balance on one lingering problem: is Taiwan getting its new F-16’s or not. Defense expert Wendell Minnick believes Taiwan might get an upgrade, but no new F’16’s, possibly jeopardizing Sino-US relations he tells M&Q.

Party arrogance, worn thin – Bill Dodson

Prime-minister Wen Jiabao claimed an 11-day illness to explain why it took him so long to pay respect to the victims of the Wenzhou train crash. But always vigilant internet users noted Wen a day after the crash on official business, notes author Bill Dodson, who analyzes on his weblog the credibility crisis for the communist party.

Expected: Pakistan autonomous region – Bill Dodson

As Pakistan become more isolated from its Western allies after the killing of Osama Bin Laden, the country is looking increasingly for friendship with its eastern neighbor China, writes Bill Dodson on his weblog. Will the Pakistani wake up was part of an Autonomous Region?

Communism with Chinese characteristics – Helen Wang

Celebrity author Helen Wang explains in the Boston Review how China has dramatically changed, and how even the communist party is becoming a very different creator from what people outside China expect.

Can Nestle succeed where Coke failed? – Shaun Rein

Nestle’s anticipated mega deal brings back the US$ 2.4 bn deal by Coke, rejected in 2009 by the Ministry of Commerce for fears the new company would dominate the market. While Nestle’s deal is huge, it has not Coke’s problems, tells Shaun Rein in Fortune.

China can deal with sky-high debts – Victor Shih

China’s debts could be as high as 150% of its GDP, higher than that of the US and Greece, says political analyst Victor Shih in Aljazeera. But is should reform its inefficient economy to deal with that debt.

Again no F-16’s for Taiwan – Wendell Minnick

The US have again blocked a US$ 8.7 bn Taiwanese order for F-16’s, writes Wendell Minnick in Defense News. The move to please China, might cost the US up to annual 16,000 jobs, according to Lockheed Martin.

What did the US gain from Kissinger’s China move? – Jasper Becker

Former state secretary of state Henry Kissinger rightly claims to be the architect of US-China relations, tells Jasper Becker in The Australian. But was supporting Mao Zedong and the Communist Party in the interest of America, he wonders.

Two CSB speakers join FP top 100 twitterati list

Two of the speakers at the China Speakers Bureau, Howard French and Kaiser Kuo, are named by the magazine Foreign Policy (FP) as two of the top-100 users of Twitter in the field of foreign relations.

China, US cannot reverse N-Korea’s nuclear program – Wendell Minnick

North Korea is likely to launch a third nuclear test, based on highly enriched uranium (HEU), writes Wendell Minnick in the Defense News, based on a book by Jonathan Pollack. China nor the US can stop the country’s nuclear program.