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An outspoken internet generation – Tricia Wang

Despite ingenious internet censorship, China’s internet users has always been able to circumvent those filters to a certain degree. Sociologist Tricia Wang see even a new group emerging, who is becoming more outspoken, under their own name, write Global Post.

Bo Xilai’s departure: the end of a disaster – Tom Doctoroff

The drama surrounding Bo Xilai and his wife is still unfolding. But for many, including China-watcher Tom Doctoroff, his departure is a relief, he writes in the Huffington Post.

Cracks in China’s leadership unity – Victor Shih

Is it like the Gang of Four in 1976? Or Tiananmen in 1989? Or the dismissal of Chen Liangyu in 2006? Commentators struggle to find a comparison. The downfall of Bo Xilai certainly showed cracks in the varnish of unity among China’s leaders, tells political analyst Victor Shih in the Voice of America.

The government balancing act on the Internet – Jeremy Goldkorn

It took China’s internet censors weeks to crack down on the internet after the rumors surrounding the now disposed leader Bo Xilai started to make their rounds. But that should not be seen as a trend towards liberalization, tells internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn Bloomberg.

The shot across the bows of internet companies – Jeremy Goldkorn

After weeks of flying rumors on the internet, China’s authorities moved in to curtail stories on disposed leader Bo Xilai and even about a coup d’etat. Internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn guides us in The Guardian through the political minefield.

How internet users avoid key word censorship – Jeremy Goldkorn

China has a wide range of filters on its internet, but Chinese users have developed a set of tools to circumvent the censorship of certain banned words, tells China internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn in The Brisbane Times. Premier Wen Jiabao as teletubby.

Bo Xilai is not yet finished – Victor Shih

Chongqing communist party boss Bo Xilia might have been sacked from his post as provincial leader, earlier today, but that does not mean the big shot is finished, explains political and financial analyst Victor Shih in Bloomberg.

The rising wealth of China’s law makers – Rupert Hoogewerf

The 70 richest members of the National People’s Congress, China’s legislative body, collected more wealth than their US brethren, discovered Rupert Hoogewerf, founder and managing director of Hurun, a Shanghai research body focusing on China’s rich, according to Bloomberg.

US ambassador Locke “misguided at best” – Shaun Rein

US ambassador to China Gary Locke has been warning about the danger of internet developments in China going into a wrong direction. China analyst and author Shaun Rein fears China’s backlash, and a possible trade war later this year in CNBC.

China lesson for Obama: tax the rich – Shaun Rein

Income inequality in the USA is larger than in China and Iran, says a report from the CIA, even though China has a huge income divide too. But one part it has done better than the USA: it taxed the rich, where the money is, not the poor, says business analyst Shaun Rein in Forbes.