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Yum: selling fast food in a contrary market – James Roy

Yum, with brands like Pizzahut and KFC, had a hard time because of food scandals. But worse is, says retail analyst James Roy to Bloomberg, that increasingly heath-conscious consumers do not want their food anymore.

McDonald’s shutters stores as diet changes – Ben Cavender

McDonald´s used to be one of the winners in China´s emerging fast food market, but – together with KFC – losing market share and actually closing stores. Scandals and changing diets take their toll, says retail analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily.

Obesity in a previously hungry country – Paul French

Obesity has become a major problem in China, a country marred by a history of famine and poverty, tells author Paul French to the Washington Post. Part of China still suffers from hunger, while developed parts struggle with overweight.

China is getting fat faster – Paul French

Chinese not only get fat in a different way, compared to the US and Europe, they also get fat much faster, tells retail expert Paul French in a Reuters’ feature.

Obesity: not yet seen as a health threat in China – Paul French

Obesity as a problem is growing for children in China, seen as a way to show off prosperity, tells Paul French, co-author of Fat China, in the US edition of the China Daily. Unfortunately, it is not yet seen as a threat for health care.

Why fast foreign food wins in China – Shaun Rein

Chinese consumers know that oil and sugar provide not a healthy diet, but they know that Western fast food brands in China at least keep a close eye on their production processes, unlike the Chinese competition. That is why they win, explains Shaun Rein in CNBC.

After the kids, mom and dad will get fat – Paul French

Obesity in China is mainly a problem for the children, says retail analyst and co-author of the book “Fat China” Paul French to The National. But after the kids, in the future, also the parents will suffer from overweight, like in developed countries.

We need a sugar-free zone over Shanghai – Paul French

US-style doughnut shops are proliferating in China’s large cities, and that is bad news for their already deteriorating diet, tells retail analyst Paul French in the Washington Post, when they take of. French studied the obesity levels in the country in his book “Fat China”.

Hu Jintao, China’s most prominent diabetes patient – Paul French

Paul French by Fantake via Flickr President Hu Jintao is China’s most prominent diabetes patient, but with 120 million obese – and counting – he is certainly not alone, tells…

Fat China, blame on the advertisement industry – Paul French

Paul French Obesity is rising in China and our speaker Paul French and co-author Matthew Crabbe wrote their new book Fat China: How Expanding Waistlines are Changing a Nation about…