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China’s red flags in crisis management – Wendell Minnick

As the conflict about the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands heats up yet another time, it is useful to recognized the meaning of the signals Beijing is sending out. Military analyst Wendell Minnick picked up for Defense News some reading tips from Taiwanese Defense experts.

Will the Aussies go to war with China for a US doctrine? – Wendell Minnick

Military analyst Wendell Minnick discusses in Defense Newsthe emerging US “AirSea Battle doctrine and the so-called Asia Pivot, many in the Asia-Pacific are asking for clarification on a subject that could involve them in an unnecessary war with China.” A review of a paper by Benjamin Schreer, a senior analyst for Defence Strategy at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

China replaces UK as 5th arms exporter – Wendell Minnick

The latest SIPRI report shows that China has replaced in 2012 the UK from the fifth place on the list of exporter of conventional arms, defense specialist Wendell Minnick writes in Defense News.

UAV’s spreading along the PLA – Wendell Minnick

China’s military, the PLA, belongs to the largest users of UAV’s, unmanned aerial vehicle, according to a new report, seen by defense analyst Wendell Minnick. “More UAV research-and-development centers complete comprehensive product testing and move into mass production,” he writes in Defense News.

China internet hacks no surprise – Wendell Minnick

Much of the news this week is dominated by the discovery of China hacks into the US, linked directly to the People’s Liberation Army, with names, addresses and pictures of offices. Defense analyst Wendell Minnick tells the VOA he is not really surprised by the report.

Carrots nor sticks deter Pyongyang – Wendell Minnick

The latest nuclear test by North-Korea shows the rogue country is not going to be stopped, not even by its closest ally China, writes defense analyst Wendell Minnick in the Army Times.

China’s plans with its bombers – Wendell Minnick

China and Russia are negotiating about the purchase of Russian bombers Tupolev Tu-22M3 Backfire long-range strategic bombers and Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bombers. Very much is unclear about China’s requirements, but defense analyst Wendell Minnick has some backgrounds on what China is going, he writes in Defense News.

Russia moving forward on China fighter deal – Wendell Minnick

Despite bad memories on the first deal with the Sukhoi Su-27/J-11A fighter, Russia seems to move forward in negotiations on a second fighter deal with China, writes defense specialist Wendell Minnick in Defense News. Reason: geopolitical considerations, rather than business sense.

China hacker: between capital and the state – Tricia Wang

Prolific hacker “Wicked Rose” has turned himself into a “security professional” after years of using holes in the Microsoft Office to dig into the US Defense department. Sociologist Tricia Wang wonders in 88-bar whether Chinese hackers finding themselves a new kind of career after being discovered.

Taiwan develops 1,200 km surface-to-surface missile – Wendell Minnick

Against international agreements Taiwan is developing 1,200 km surface-to-surface missiles, writes defense analyst Wendell Minnick in Defense News. Southern and Central China, including Shanghai, are within reach, and the development will add to the regional tensions.