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The middle class pushes back – Helen Wang

What is making China’s middle class making of the ongoing leadership transition in Beijing, author Helen Wang was asked by a range of media. On her weblog she summarizes some of her answers. “They are beginning to push back.”

The high pressure on China’s single children – Paul French

The fast rise in prosperity and high expectation might life for the generation of single children tough, very tough, with increasing daily pressure, tells China veteran Paul French in the Telegraph.

Products: tools for personal development – Tom Doctoroff

Marketing of luxury products in China is often done in a rather simplistic way; differentiating the market according to age, income and other features is key, says marketing guru Tom Doctoroff in Campaign Asia.

How Yum! rebranded for success in China – Heleen Wang

Yum! operates highly successful brands like KFC and Pizzahut in China, a success that is largely due to the ability to rebrand and reinvent itself to cater to the needs of Chinese customers, explains author Heleen Wang in Forbes.

Why did Starbucks win in China? – Helen Wang

Starbucks introduced a winning chain of coffee shops in a country of tea drinkers. Author Helen Wang analyses what the US company did right and found five key reasons, she explains in Forbes. First, they started to look smart.

On innovation “Chinese won’t deliver” – Tom Doctoroff

Innovation is lagging, says most China experts, although the subject is high on the political agenda. Author Tom Doctoroff of “What Chinese Want” is equally harsh in Forbes. The Chinese won’t deliver on innovation.

More losers than winners in fashion brands – Shaun Rein

H&M and Zara might be winners in the competitive fashion market in China, tells author Shaun Rein of “The End of Cheap China” to the BBC. But brands like Gap, Marks & Spencer, American Apparel, Abercrombie & Fitch and Banana Republic belong to the majority of the losers.

The opportunities of “The End of Cheap China” – Shaun Rein

The changes described in business analyst Shaun Rein’s bestseller ‘The End of Cheap China”, offers not only challenges, but also opportunities, writes Seeking Alpha in a review of the book.

The second edition of “The Chinese Dream” – Helen Wang

The bestseller “The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World’s Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You” on China’s middle class by Helen Wang is getting its second edition and Lord Wei, has written the new foreword, announces Helen Wang on her weblog.

Has China a viable middle class? – The debate

No says Shaun Rein in Bloomberg, it might take at least another ten years before China’s middle class earns enough, and he advises clients to focus on premium products for the rich. Yes, says Helen Wang in CNN, since China is cheap enough. What do you think? Fill in our poll.