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China movies hit Hollywood blockbusters hard – Ben Cavender

China has become a major market for film fans, but increasingly their taste is going into the direction of domestic movies, leaving Hollywood blockbusters behind, tells business analyst Ben Cavender at the WSJ. How domestic movies makers changed from an underdog into a winner on the China market.

Internet: China’s Kangaroo Court – Jeremy Goldkorn

The famous film director Zhang Yimou was one of the last celebrities, scrutinized by a diligent internet for supposed breaches of the one-child policy. Chinese turn to the internet for real and imaginary injustice, explains internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn in Marketplace. “It’s a kind of Kangaroo Court mentality.”

Guanxi dies or gets into prison; the Fredy Bush case – Wei Gu

Guanxi used to be a key word when foreigners came to China to do business, including business women Fredy Bush, the founder of Nasdaq-listed Xinhua Finance, a successful deal in the tough media industry. Wealth editor Wei Gu explains for the WSJ why the now-jailed tycoon could not survive now times have changed.

iTunes: Apple’s Trojan horse – Jeremy Goldkorn

China is Apple’s largest market, and internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn explains in China File why its troubles are far from over, after the recent upheaval about the Chinese media attack on its customer’ service. The state-sponsored attacks will continue, he tells, for example on its vulnerable iTunes service.

China consumer, driven by social media, but not westernized – Tom Doctoroff

China is becoming modern, but does not westernize, warns advertising guru Tom Doctoroff in Digital Market Asia. More than elsewhere, the internet and social media are important driving forces for consumers and the society.

Online rage hits mostly lower officials – Jeremy Goldkorn

Misuse of power incites online rage frequently, but those hit on the internet by angry netizens are mostly lower government agencies, tells internet analyst Jeremy Goldkorn at NBC News. The internet works as an alert for higher officials warning them something is amiss on a lower level.

The fake stories by Fu Ping – Zhang Lijia

Critics, including Fang Zhouzi, have taken apart the book Bend, Not Break: A Life in Two Worlds by the US CEO Fu Ping. Her ‘rags to rich’ story contained too many unbelievable stories. Fellow author Zhang Lijia went through the book, and on her weblog she sides with the critics. “Too many holes to make it believable.”

The battle between censors and editors – Jeremy Goldkorn

The ongoing public tussle between government censors and editors of the Guangzhou-based Southern Weekly is a rare breakdown of the otherwise mostly hidden ways to manage China’s state-owned media. Media watcher Jeremy Goldkorn explains for the BBC why the censors went too far in this case.

US election debates trigger polite interest – Jeremy Goldkorn

Chinese state-TV avoids the presidential debates during the US election campaigns, but internet users can watch them. It creates some excitement, although internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn does not want to exaggerate the effect, he tells the VOA.

Top-5 stories for August 2012

The top-5 most-read stories for August 2012. And the background of our Weekly China Hangout, starting in September. The start of a TV show with China debates.