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My rediscovered love for poetry – Zhang Lijia

Poetry had slowly disappeared from her live, writes author Zhang Lijia on her weblog, until she rediscovered her love to poetry on a recent gathering at the Bookworm in Beijing.

Why Zhang Yimou’s movie did not convince me – Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia reviewed for the BBC film director Zhang Yimou’s latest movie The Flowers of War. On her weblog she explains why the movie did not convince her.

Why the Chinese read fewer books – Zhang Lijia

Drooling foreign publishers are trying to enter the Chinese market, like recently on the International Book Fair in Beijing. But author Zhang Lijia warns on her weblog for too high expectation, as the already limited number of books per Chinese is even dropping.

Why I love Beijing – Zhang Lijia

Celebrity author Zhang Lijia answers on her weblog the artist Ai Weiwei, who complained in the weekly Newsweek that Beijing was no longer a livable place for him and a “constant nightmare”. She disagrees and explains why she loves Beijing.

“The epitome of the new China hand” – Paul French

Paul French started off his book tour for “Midnight in Peking” in Australia with some raving reviews by local media. “He has discovered there is a growing audience who, like him, is fascinated by the world of the old China hands,” writes the Australian.

“Midnight in Beijing” – Paul French

Renowned author Paul French will publish his crime classic “Midnight in Beijing” August 29, about the seedy underbelly of Beijing in the 1930s. After bestsellers like “Fat China: How Expanding Waistlines are Changing a Nation” and on foreign correspondents in China, now French hits the suspense writing, taking us back to a murder scene in the Beijing of 1937

‘Nairobi to Shenzhen’ hits China market – Mark Obama Ndesandjo

Mark Obama Ndesandjo, the half brother of US president Obama, was in Shanghai this week to sign copies of the Chinese edition of his autobiographical novel ‘Nairobi To Shenzhen: A Novel of Love in the East’, writes the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

Helen Wang’s “The Chinese Dream” to be published in China

The successful book The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World’s Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You, on the ambitions of China’s middle class, will be launched in its Chinese later in August.

Shenzhen Attitude – Mark Obama Ndesandjo

During a recent discussion with some children, I suggested a game. I proposed giving each of the 26 letters in the English alphabet a number: A is 1, B is 2, C is 3 and so forth. “Find me a word whose letters add up to 100,” I asked. “It has to do with dreams and success.”

Mark Obama Ndesandjo joins CSB

The Shenzhen-based business man, artist and charity activist Mark Obama Ndesandjo has kindly agreed to join China Speakers Bureau. In a few years time, he has has helped to put social corporate responsibility on the local agenda and is helping companies to enter the challenging China market.