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Chinese do not see Apple as a luxury watch maker – Tom Doctoroff

Apple expects to make a blast with its watches, just as it did with iPhone and iPads. But success in the China market is not that obvious, says marketing expert Tom Doctoroff in Bloomberg. They will have to prove themselves, he says.

Apple´s capitulation to China gives Obama a problem – Ben Cavender

China´s proposal to IT vendors to give access to their devices to fight terror has raised the tensions in the industry. Apple seems to have agreed to share its source code with China, and that might cause Obama a headache, says business analyst Ben Cavender in Quartz.

Apple leaves troublesome past behind – Shaun Rein

For a long time, Apple did not get it right in China. Business analyst Shaun Rein notes that now the American giant is doing things right and ships more smartphones to China, even more than Xiaomi. From Mercury News.

Doubling Apple stores is just not enough – Shaun Rein

Battling a slowdown in Apple’s China sales by doubling the number of outlets might just not be enough, tells retail analyst Shaun Rein in Bloomberg. Apple is facing “serious political headwinds”.

Apple’s iTunes conundrums – Ben Cavender

Apple got itself into trouble with the government last month, but a bigger fight is looming, says business analyst Ben Cavender in Quartz. First, the Chinese government has noted Apple iTunes does not comply with its censorship regime. And convincing Chinese consumers they have to pay for content might even be a larger barrier for business.

Apple still popular, despite government action – Ben Cavender

A domestic media campaign against the customer service of Apple has been followed by government investigations, by the SAIC, tells business analyst Ben Cavender IDG News. “A bit of sensationalism,” he says.

Apple sales are going to be strong – Shaun Rein

No chaotic scenes today in China as Apple offered their latest iPad for sale, but business analyst Shaun Rein, and author of “The End of Cheap China” expects strong sales for the US company, he tells at CNBC.

Apple is under-performing – Shaun Rein

Apple’s recent success in China might have gained it a lot of admirers. But the company could have done much better and could have turned China into its largest market, retail analyst Shaun Rein tells in the Pandodaily.

Ferrari, Apple: two products appealing to the rich – Ben Cavender

The Chinese are not trying to become middle class, they want to become rich, very rich. Products like Apple and Ferrari are helping consumers is creating that feeling, tells consumer analyst Ben Cavender in the Wall Street Journal and Adage.

Apple still lagging in China – Shaun Rein

Apple might be doing well in the China market, they could do better, tells business analyst Shaun Rein in Bloomberg. Apple is losing ground to the competition, because they focus better on the Chinese consumer.