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North-Korea’s failed investment zone – Paul French

“At least when the Chinese say, ‘This is going to be an investment zone,’ they put in electricity and phone lines and sewers,” tells author Paul French the BBC about the failed North-Korean investment zone at the China border. The China model did not work in North-Korea.

Housing: solid as a bank – Shaun Rein

Stories about the collapsing real estate market in China might often miss the point. Housing is often the only place for increasingly wealthy Chinese to invest their money, tell business analyst Shaun Rein in CNN.

Five lessons on building a start-up in Asia – Benjamin Joffe

At the JFDI–Innov8 2012 Bootcamp JDFI mentor Benjamin Joffe shared five lessons for start-ups in Asia, their website explains. First lesson, get rid of the concept Asia, it does not exist.

Shanghai’s focus on clean energy – Bill Dodson

Shanghai municipality has published plans to reduce non-fossil energy sources dramatically over the next five years, writes energy specialist Bill Dodson on his weblog. Reducing the usage of coal is high on Shanghai’s energy Plan.

Most-read stories November 2011 – top-5

Our second installment on the top-5 most-read stories for November 2011 show certainly the power of search engines in retrieving stories. Some of the recent stories by Wendell Minnick and Shaun Rein do pretty well, but we see also much interest in stories that are older.

China should not ease lending too fast – Victor Shih

Dropping inflation, a bumper harvest, falling food prices and other good financial news does not mean China’s financial institutions should leave their policies of tight lending, writes financial analyst Victor Shih in the Financial Times.

China needs to import food – Arthur Kroeber

Diminishing water resources might force China to import large amounts of grain in the future, tells economic analyst Arthur Kroeber in Business Week. Although it might first groom domestic players like Cofco, before facing competitors like Cargill on a global market place.

China’s rich prefer homes over stocks – Shaun Rein

Poor accounting standards in China make Chinese investors very weary of stocks in any Chinese company, business analyst Shaun Rein discovered in his research. In CNBC he explains why they prefer real estate, even though the government tries to cool down the industry.

Pay back time for the Beijing Olympics – Victor Shih

Bonds from 15 local government agencies worth US$ 2.5 billions to finance the Beijing Olympics are due, and financial and political analyst Victor Shih tells Bloomberg that is reason enough to keep a close eye on how China is going to pay back its debts.

On a shoddy construction industry – Bill Dodson

There are many stories on shoddy constructions build in China. Celebrity author Bill Dodson tells on his weblog some inside stories on how business is done in the construction industry, and why things go wrong. The case of his friend Ralf.